Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wednesday-Thursday July 3-4, 2019

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Wednesday-Thursday July 3-4, 2019
Wdnesday we had no water most of the day and that is a royal pain as everyone knows.  It did come back around supper time.  Our take on that is that, after an especially heavy rain, the water treatment plant is overrun and needs to be shut down to recover.
Cristina heard a fellow yelling outside that he fixes pots and pans so we rushed to grab him.  We had a good pressure cooker but lower handle got broken.  He took it out and came back, all smiles, and said that we needed a new rubber seal as well.  Cristina disagreed, and so did I, and we tried the new combination.  The handle was too high and we couldn't seal the lid.  Out he went again and came back in minutes with the handle upside down, and the lid seals...  He again argued with Cristina about the rubber seal, rudely I thought, but I just paid him his $7 price and he was on his way.
I got tired of waiting for the USD exchange rate to improve before moving some needed operating cash from Canada.  It is about $1.31 and hasn't been better in months.  So, after all my deliberations back and forth with CIBC, setting up a secure email to receive their Validation Codes, I decided to try their Global Money Transfer.  Supposedly it is a lot cheaper and easier than getting a wire transfer done.  Anything had to be easier than that!  And, guess what??  It really was easy and we should get our money in 1-3 days.  My only concern is that there is noplace to mention the Intermediary Bank used for wire transfers...  We'll know next week if it went as well as we hoped.
I found a spot where the mice travel to and from the house where I could place their termination meal without endangering the dogs.  That seems to be working.  We have had little evidence of mice in the house for a while now.
At about 5:30 we got water again so we could wash dishes, cook, etc.
In the evening a previous adopter came to get Grigi, so we know she has a very good home.  I am going to miss that beautiful little dog.
Then I watched the last 4 or 5 hours of the Shaka Zulu series.  It wasn't great, but worth watching.  I like anything of historical value.

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends.
Today we again had no water this morning.  Later in the morning they were allowing a very low pressure trickle.
We left at 11:15 to grab another kitten from the AnimalPark and met Adiela at the vet's.  Then we took the kitten to its new home.  The adopter was a beautiful young lady not too far away.
Then Adiela and Cristina fried up some large fish for lunch.  I was starving by the time that hit the table but it was worth waiting for.
I had brought back all the movies that I had borrowed from Miguel and pulled out another batch to borrow and promptly forget to take them with me...
Back home I tried to get some late day backlit shots of Tom Thumb but he was being uncooperative today.  A very large Kiskadee even turned his back to me, then the light died so I gave up.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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New upside-down handle works fine...

Claudia helping the cats and dogs at the AnimalPark

Small flower at the Animal Park

Kitty about to be adopted

Gorgeous flowers at the Animal Park

Kitty about to take a ride to its new home

It is a lucky thing that it met the people here

Adiela and the kitty's new Mommy