Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday July 14, 2019 Racing

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Sunday July 14, 2019
A big happy 29th birthday (with lots of added experience) to my sweet sister Yvette.
I walked the dogs then went back to bed for a couple of hours.
I went to fill the bird feeders and was shocked to find a turtledove on the ground, alive but immobile.  I called Cristina and we gave it some water which seemed to enliven it a bit and we put it in the big cage, protected.  However it passed away a short time later. 
I also tried to rid the hummingbird feeder of some of those huge wasps and, while I was waiting there, Tom Thumb came and fed while I was but an arms-length away.  It is nice to build that trust.  Then a second hummer came and ruined the mood.
I was so disappointed to see the Microsoft "Activate your Windows" warning again this morning.  I was hoping that we had that solved yesterday, but no.....
So I entered the chat with Microsoft support, this time with a fellow named Joshua, and we went through the whole routine again..  This time he was asking for receipts either for the old computer or for buying the original Windows 7, etc.  He reiterated that the Windows licence is "attached" to the Motherboard, so if you change full hardware they force you to buy a whole new licence.  He offered a new licence for $40!  I asked how come it was $100 less than quoted yesterday, and he said the other guys should have given me a discount for a previous version.  So, it not only pays to ask, but it pays to deal with someone more knowledgeable.  I paid the $40 USD ($52 CDN) just to get operating legally and avoid future problems.  Now I have a legal, fast computer that I am very pleased with.
I am also getting involved with trying to put a Canadian traitor behind bars...  Seriously!  I have come into possession of some vital information that needs to get in the right hands so they can bait and catch this guy red-handed.  I have the bit between my teeth and can't divulge any more at this time.
After lunch I had another nap before heading out to David & Irma's to watch Formula 1 followed closely by Superbike.  It was an exciting race of revenge with the Ferrari team of my guy, Charles LeClerc, and his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, working together to knock back the hated Max Verstappen.  Verstappen had illegally encroached on LeClerc as both were leaving the pits to grab a short-lived lead before Charles re-passed him.  Then later, Vettel rammed Verstappen in the rear, getting the worst of it himself, but putting Verstappen out of contention.
Charles came in 3rd, behind the Mercedes super fast team of Lewis Hamilton and Valeri Bottas who never relinquished the lead and took turns setting new lap records all afternoon.  All in all, I was very pleased with the outcome.
Then we quickly switched over to catch the last 3 laps of the Superbike race where 2 British riders, Davies and Rea were in front followed by a tough new young rider known as the Turk. 
David had been telling me for months that he had this large ASUS laptop that he hated because it was slow and balky.  He offered it to me.  He had got it for $60 in some promotion a while back and I happily paid him the $60 to take it off his hands.  The only proviso is that I clean out all of his details from it.  I will have to check it out and see if I want it for myself or not.  Cristina says that Adiela desperately needs a laptop to keep up with her dog website/Facebook, etc.  If I like the ASUS, I could give her my old HP laptop.  If I don't find the Asus useful, she can have it.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Lined up in England and ready to race

My top 3 start out in front

No changes

The hated Verstappen is on our heels

First crash of the race

Now Verstappen is challenging
But he doesn't get by

LeClerc bumps Verstappen off a corner challenge

Now he battles our partner Vettel

Vettel rams Verstappen in the back

Spinning off

A little more
Tap him again

and he is airborne

Vettel gets the worst of it on his front end

Both slide off the track

Still sliding

Verstappen will incredibly get back in the race
Lewis Hamilton is just screaming around the track

He ran a masterful race, setting records

Another win for Lewis Hamilton

The checkered flag

Last lap and another track lap record


I wish that we had been able to see more of this race

Victory wheelie by Davies

Davies, Rea and the Turk take the honours

The ASUS that I have to check out now

I hope that it works for us and/or Adiela