Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday November 29, 2015 Orchids

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Sunday November 29, 2015
I wasn't finished yesterday, I just had to get out in the sunshine so I took a jaunt on Toxic and ended up at Turi to take a couple of shots of the city
Later I went to see my buddy Jesus at Big Kabuda's Taphouse & Grill.  I tried a different burger (he has about 25 different ones) and really enjoyed it.  He says he is starting to get lots of customers including our Thursday Biker gang.  If you want a good burger, Big Kabuda's is just east of the Todos Santos bridge and Broken Bridge on 3 de Noviembre.
Today we had to hit the last day of the Orchid Show inside the Seminary next door to the new cathedral.  Dick Bissett had sent us some teaser pictures so we had to check it out.  Sadly, Dick & Pauline went back to Canada yesterday and we never got another chance to get together.  Where did the time go?
There were many Ecuadorians and Gringos enjoying the flowers.  The orchids are amazing and a person can sometimes see faces, persons, and animals in the mouths of the flower.  Totally incredible, as you will see in the enclosed photos.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

151128 View from Turi #1

151128 View from Turi #2

151128 View from Turi #3

151128 View from Turi #4

151128 View from Turi #5

Interior of the Turi church

Lovers near Todos Santos bridge

View to Todos Santos west from the bridge

A tighter shot with the Broken Bridge

Big Kabuda's is easy to find

Nice big premises on 3 de Noviembre

You can see it is just east of the bridge

Lots of burgers and hotdogs to choose from

Orchid#1 - Gotta go pee?

Orchid#2 - Fiber optics?

Orchid#3 - Old men?

Orchid#4 - Peek-a-boo?

Orchid#5 - Brain faucet?

Orchid#6 - Alien trap?

Orchid#7 - Exercise room?

Orchid#8 - Crab?

Orchid#9 - Barman singing?

Orchid#10 - Monkey watching?

Orchid#11 - Belle of the ball?

Orchid#12 - Sister Bertril biker chick?

Orchid#13 - Trussed up chicken?

Orchid#14 - Yellow stingray?

Orchid#15 - Vulva?

Orchid#16 - Display

Orchid#17 - Girl on a slide?

Orchid#18 - Big fish?

Orchid#19 - Light's on in the porch?

Orchid#20 - The building next door

Orchid#21 - Hiding the skateboard?

Orchid#22 - other plants for sale

Orchid#23 - Many orchids for sale

Orchid#24 - Starship Enterprise?

Orchid#25 - Water pitcher?

Orchid#26 - Bullwinkle?

Orchid#27 - Head-first slide?

Orchid#28 - Funky Japanese restaurant?

Orchid#29 - Ready to jump?

Orchid#30 - Goodbye cruel world?

Orchid#31 - Gnome on a slide?

Orchid#32 - Double red beard?

Orchid#33 - Technicolor barf?

Orchid#34 - Another double red beard?

Orchid#35 - Reindeer waits for Santa?

Courtyard inside the Seminary

Our first time inside this courtyard

Cristina posing #1

Cristina posing #2

Cristina posing #3

Cristina posing #4