Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday July 5, 2019 Parade

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Friday July 5, 2019
Last night we learned that it was Sara's 16th Birthday so Cristina suggested a nice photo might be in order.  So we did and then together we played with many options and came up with the two below.  She is quite happy with those.

Today is the 23rd sad anniversary of losing my first wife,Patsy.  It is hard to believe that that many years have passed and the events of that day are still so vivid.  She was a very good lady and we were married 25 years.  Grief diminishes somewhat but never goes away.  They say that grief is actually love which has no place to go.  I think that pretty much nails it.

We rushed to the Animal Park at 7:30am to pick up a lovely female dog and took her in to the vet John Rojas for sterilization.  We left her there and came home.
We pulled into the cemetery while it was still relatively cool and brought out the hedge shears and trimmed the plants.  I saw that the wooden frame surrounding the plot was coming apart so I messaged Carlos to repair it.  He will do that tomorrow.
We picked up large lawn bags and I picked up the dog poop in the back today instead of tomorrow because our lawn man, Leonel, was coming this afternoon.
Then I went to order a new Nikon D5600 camera and lenses that has excellent reviews for sharp photos.  One of the other people on Fine Art America takes super crisp photos of birds, even in motion, so I questioned her on her equipment.  This was it, so I researched a little more, contacted the seller and asked to make some changes, they agreed, and I started to put in the order on eBay.  When I changed my address for delivery to Colombia the import duties jumped like $200, over my budget from PayPal which is from my photo sales.  Oh, I was so upset...

At 12:30 we went back for the very groggy dog.  On the way in I stopped at Miguel's and picked up the stack of movies that I had forgotten yesterday.
When we returned home from dropping off the dog at the Animal Park I was chiding myself at waiting to sell a few more photos before buying that camera....  What was the point of waiting another month or two, when I could be enjoying the camera and taking better photographs..??!!  So, I ordered the darn thing.  I think they expect delivery here in about 8 days.  It is my hobby money paying for my hobby, so that is not so bad.
 At 4pm Leonel was here as agreed and got to work in the back.  Meanwhile Claudia was adding more phony braids to Cristina's head.  It is quite an art and it looks rather good.
Then we heard the firetruck siren coming slowly down the street signifying another small parade, led by my Miss Andalucia atop the truck.  It appeared to be a parade celebrating multiculturalism.  Lots of cute tiny floats with super cute children.  Even with the low light the Lumix did a creditable job.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Sweet 16 Sara. 

Much better background

She and Claudia liked this result

Before the trim

After= a little more level everywhere

Our jungle before it gets out of hand
Groggy miss after her sterilization

My Nina in the sunshine

My faithful Turi

Tom was visiting with friends today

Not good light for a decent shot

Turtledoves and finches vying for lunch

The finch gets scared away

Blue-grey Tanager was here too

Such a pretty bird

Tom again

Leonel beginning to swathe the jungle

Miss Andalucia and friend lead the parade
The parade follows - no more captions