Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday August 1, 2018 New Picanto

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Wednesday August 1, 2018
I walked the dogs, did my chores then washed and vacuumed the KIA Rio service rental.  That pooped me out and I worried that I overdid all that bending and that I would pay for it later... so I had a nap.
I had bought Cristina a Cadillac sandwich grill that is monstrous with removable plates for cleaning.  She wanted it, she got it.  At lunchtime she cooked steak with it beautifully, and then, smothered in Montreal Steak Spice (the best spice in the world), I inhaled the meat with a grand smile on my face.
Cristina had some running around to do and promised to be back by 4:30 so I just had another nap with the dogs.
Cristina got tied up at the police station, still trying to get word on the cause of Christian's death, so she didn't make it home in time to go drop off the service rental and pick up our new car.  I went on my own.
The new Picanto was ready and I pointedly asked how much gas was in the car because it was on the "Empty" mark.  He said they are delivered with a gallon of gas and I got a fancy key ring and an emergency kit (required by law) instead.  The plates were not installed on the car and I could have them riveted on for nothing or pay 50,000 pesos ($17) to get them installed in a protective holder.. so naturally I paid...  We did the paperwork and I got the books, keys, etc and we moved the car outside (so it had to sprinkle...) and I got help with the fancy Android radio..., basically a tablet that can connect, via my phone, to almost any downloadable application, WAZE, Google maps, Internet, YouTube, on and on.  We had some fun getting it going, but we finally got the WAZE working.  I can also look up almost anything with voice commands, and do hands-free calling.  Cool.  It will take me a long while to realize all the things possible with that fancy radio.
The car seems to missing a few things that I thought were in it, but I must have got confused with all the models that we looked at.  But it is fun to drive, nice and compact and much easier to park than the Rio.  When I got back home, Cristina was still not here so I went for gas for a fun drive (about $3 per US gallon - not cheap).  Then I walked the 6 dogs, 3 at a time again, then came up and scanned all the documents as backups.
So here are a couple of photos taken, also for record-keeping sake, of the licence plates, IZL430.  So now I need a name for the car, and I was thinking of something that would make the licence number easier to remember...  Any ideas??  I just tried looking up IZL and the acronym came up as

Irgun Zvai Leumi

the Jewish "terrorists" against the British mandate...  We can do better than that for sure.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Izzy?  Fizzle?  Faizal?

So much easier to park!

Small is good... easy on gas