Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday August 30, 2018 Packing/Dogs

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Thursday August 30, 2018
This morning, while walking the dogs at the other end of the lake I saw a golden hawk harassing an Ibis in its nesting grounds.  I was 10 feet away and could have got really great photos or a movie but I had no camera with me...
I am really going to miss this lake!
One thing I have noticed here is that I breathe better and my hair and nails grow much quicker.  Since the prevailing breeze seems to be from the north, I can't claim that it is due to ocean air...  So Cristina cut my hair really short again.  I am not proud, I know that I am losing my hair down the middle...
Not to be outdone, NeNe had to have a cut too so he went to the Salon and came back smelling and looking sweet.  I feel so sorry for these bushy dogs in this heat.
Oh, if you didn't see the note above...

Apparently this is working again??  Let me know if it works for you...
This will be my last Blog until I get Internet hooked up at the new house, and I have no idea when that might be....  We will be basically incommunicado, although I can still access my email and Facebook via my phone plan but I really hate working with a tiny phone.
Once done this Blog, I will pack up my office for the move tomorrow.  In the morning we will be dismantling the last items, beds, drapes, bathrooms, etc.
Around 1pm we will take the dogs to the new place and get our keys and garage door opener(s).  We will tuck the dogs in the back yard to get accustomed to the place.  Then we will rush back to meet our movers at 3pm and hopefully will be in the home at 5pm and unpacking.  I don't mind unpacking...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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It must be hot with all that hair in this heat - Poor NeNe

Now he looks and smells sweet

You can see his bent right leg but he copes well

I love my little fighter

He is a good addition to our family

Turi is our big calm dog

Buddy is the Alpha male of the house

Mariposa is our crazy one who loves to play

Princesa is my shadow