Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday August 6, 2018 Pereira

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Monday August 6, 2018
We slept in a little and then left at noon to head for our 3pm appointment in Pereira with our Visa facilitator.  As we neared Pereira I let our niece Ana drive as she is familiar with the city and is a good driver.
I then took a couple of shots on the way in as I am so in love with the smooth highways (that we paid about $17 in tolls for) and the amazing greenery that overhangs the road so nice for needed shade.
Lizzie wants to purr along between 110-120 kph, especially when there is no traffic around.    Speed limit is 90 kph but rarely enforced and I got passed by a lot of faster cars...   
We parked right across from our appointment just before 2 pm and went to a nearby very impressive restaurant for a quick bite.  Service was quick and Ana snuck up to pay the bill over my objections.
We stopped in early at the facilitator and she presented me with my new Visa, nicely installed in my passport, along with details on where to go to begin the Cedula process.
We pulled in on a narrow busy street near the Migracion office just around 3pm and didn't have to wait long.  We got interviewed, fingerprinted, and had our photo taken (smiling) and the Passport stamped by Migracion with some number written in.  Then they emailed me the info to keep track of when the Cedula should be ready.   It started to pour when we were in there.  The new Cedula should be ready in about 10 days..., working days I presume, so 2 weeks.  We will probably return in 18 days on a Friday to meet a friend.
The girls huddled under an umbrella and (stupid me) I forgot I had one in the bottom of my backpack as well...  I get to the car first and am cursing a blue streak because I see that some asshole hit and bent back my side mirror causing a fair amount of damage to it.  Jeepers, the bloody car is barely 5 days old!!  I haven't had time to check it out properly yet, but I pushed it back and the fold-in, fold-out electric button actually worked, as does the mirror control.  Thank God for that.
Ana again drives out of Pereira for me and I am so surprised there are not more accidents with the nutty drivers that have no idea of lanes, or courtesy, just me-me-me.....
We pulled over at a lookout spot where the police are checking all motorcycles and I took some nice shots for you.
I resume the driving and Lizzie responds with her quiet command of the road.  She really corners well on these great roads.
Just past one of the toll booths the Police are checking most of the cars, papers, bags, etc.  Our policeman was super nice and he reminded me that I need a Colombian driver's licence within 90 day of entry.  I told him that I knew the rules and would be tackling that right after my Cedula arrives.
I hope you enjoy the Lumix pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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I love these canopied roads.

These were taken on the way up, near Pereira

This is the most modern restaurant I have seen in Colombia

Clean, modern and good service - a great combination

This is the view from the Migracion office

This is the view of the Migracion office (I added the address)

The mirror is quite damaged, but working

Trying to capture some mountain scenes on the way out
After a rain it is so very green everywhere

Picturesque country

Beautiful highways...

Lizzie skipped right along

Loving the views of mountains in the distance

Lookout shot #1

A nice river in lookout shot #2

This is probably 6,000 feet up...

Loved that tree in the distance

A bit closer shot.