Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday August 13, 2018 Shopping

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Monday August 13, 2018
I had been trying for days to set up an appointment at Immigration in Pereira to pick up my Cedula, always trying the English option.  So today I tried the Spanish option and got a completely different set of options and questions... go figure.  So it said that I have an appointment as I want on the 24th, 8:30am, have an appointment number, and they will confirm via email (which has not occurred for several hours now)....
We had a little list of things to do today so we were busy little beavers.
First we went to send a parcel of perfumes to our niece Ana via ServiEntrega, the local version of DHL.  
Across the road is the nursery so we stopped in there to buy the final 5 plants for Christian's grave.  That should cut down on the bi-weekly purchases of flowers that die in 3 days.
Then we found our way downtown and first we exchanged some US cash before trying to find someplace that made house address signs...  No luck.  They said to try the guys who work near the cemetery.
Cristina knew I wanted some more light clothes so she pulled me into a store that had amazing prices.  I got two light sweat pants, a pair of shorts, a lovely t-shirt and a small umbrella for $30...
We walked by the street sellers of books who promised to have English books for me last Sunday but we didn't make it.  We asked, and yes, they had a small selection of English books.  I took 6 (about 20% of their supply), all priced the same, paperback or hard copy, for a total of $20.  I need something to do when Cristina is watching every CSI show ever made.
I didn't realize until I got home that the writer of the 3 small books was Graham Greene,.. so I got a little excited, but found that the author was born in England in 1902, so he is not the Canadian Indian actor born in 1952 (who was hilarious in the movie "Maverick").
Then we drove by a cemetery not far north of home but there were no marble workers near there so we finally found the other cemetery south of us, not far from the bus station.  We found marble and sign places but they were closed for lunch... of course.
So we went to La Herradura and had our own lunch.  I had a nice steak, sausage, salad, beans, plantain, egg, rice and guacamole meal, with juice, for $4, while Cristina's lunch was only $3.  
I saw a sandwich for sale at an adjacent stall called a "Cordero" so I had to take a picture and send it to Gustavo, with the explanation that I expected it to be full of baloney, hardy-har-har....
I suggested we check out the Exito store for the refrigerators on sale again.  I am only considering the ones with 10 year compressor warranty,.. and the larger models.  They have a classy Mabe model, 510 litres worth, that I loved but they only have the floor model...  So we settled for second-best, Cristina's choice, a Haceb 430 litre unit, delivered later to Andalucia, for about $554.  I doubt that you would buy such a fridge in Canada for much less than $1,000.
Then we went back to find the sign-makers and only got lost three more times.  But we did buy a ceramic house sign with carved-in numbers, light grey with black lettering, about 7.5" x 10", with mounting holes for $7.
So, all in all, it was a good day of shopping.  Tomorrow we go  back to attempt to sign the last of the house papers, again....  Grrrr.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Nope, actually it has ham.... not baloney

This was my amazing $4 meal

That was Cristina's $3 meal

This is the kind of ceramic sign we are having made (2 days)

6 books for $20

Clothes and umbrella for $30