Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday August 3, 2018 Homeowner

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Friday August 3, 2018
It was a happy and sad morning as we adopted out Raton, the black dog, to a very nice lady.  Raton has improved greatly since I have been here but he is still a puppy and quite a handful.  Now we can make the repairs to the walls where he ate the paint!  So now we are down to our 5 dogs, Mariposa the crazy one, Turi the calm one, Princesa the feisty one, Buddy the fur ball, and NeNe the fighter.  I think that we can manage with these with the new big yard that is coming...
Somehow I have managed to upload my Contact list onto the new car radio Android...  One step at a time.
I got around to updating my websites mentioned above after a ton of trial and error.  That is the reason that I keep putting it off for so long, because I forget what works to get it done...
At 3pm we presented ourselves at the Notary's office in Andalucia to sign more papers and to make the final payment on the new house.  I confirmed with the present owner that she had bought and old place and completely re-did everything, that is why the house is so modern....  She also hinted that we could probably get in the house August 20 or sooner.  We will be paying until Sept 15 on this place so we have oodles of time to make an orderly transition.
As we left Andalucia we hit a severe rainstorm and a semi-truck had hit a guardrail and dumped a lot of its load (of oranges?) but luckily the left lane was still open.  
We decided to have a snack at La Herradura mall and tried this Pizza place with a type of pizza-pocket which was reasonable at under $2 and quite tasty.  
Then we followed that up with an ice cream.  Our doggies were so happy to see us when we got home.
When I turned on the computer, this is what I saw:
Even though there are 2 hours difference, about 6pm here, I thought this was kinda neat.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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