Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday August , 2018 Rainy Days & Mondays

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Monday August , 2018
I took the dogs for their walk at sunup like usual, and later I saw this cute sight to share with you,.. all five dogs helping Cristina nap some more:  Karen Carpenter says it all.
I was going to fight this trend and be optimistic that we could actually accomplish something simply today, stupid me…
We went for 10am to the Registry office to get our house documents after waiting 2 weeks.  Then they say some number is incorrect and we needed to run back to the Notary in Andalucia for corrections. 
We try to see what kind of lineup is at the Bank to make account changes now that I have my Cedula.  Our number is P535 and they are serving P515, and there aren’t 20 people in the waiting room…  After 10 minutes of no movement we decide to head to Andalucia.
No apologies were forthcoming at the Notary either, just like Ecuador’s “Oh well” attitude and I am already simmering..  The one good point to make is that it seemed like the new Notary is a stickler for detail and he proofread our document quickly after the corrections and gave the employees a talking to.
So we rush back to the Registry, have to park in an unfamiliar spot, but we are lucky there is no line-up.  Cristina presents the documents and the guy seemed to indicate that there was still a problem…  He goes in to the back room for almost 20 minutes and the line-up of people grew to 11, all with 10 minutes before they shut the door for lunch… and more people are still coming in....  Why in the world do these people think that they can all get service in 10 minutes???  When the guy comes back to us, he appears to have fixed the problem to his satisfaction, and now we have to return in another 8 days to get our documents……..  I just shake my head.
We check at the bank again (not my idea this time) and the doors are already locked for lunch.  So we head home and have lunch.
At 2pm we leave home to go to our local branch of our Bank.  We are sixth in line for our number this time but 1/2 of the service employees are still eating at their desks and playing and chatting on Facebook.  I finally angrily stare two of these women down and they finally get to work helping clients.  I swear that I would have gone to see the manager if he himself had been there.  We finally get called about 3:15, solely to add my name to our bank account and that takes more than 3/4 hour!  We don't get home again until 4pm.
Cris suggested going to Transito about the Driver's Licence change and I just said that I was not going to fight rush hour just to get in another lineup.  We will save that for tomorrow.
We also have to start packing up what we don't use but that is easier said than done too.  The minute I pack something I will need it....
Cris also has to get cracking at getting the Utilities, phone and Internet switched to the new house.   Tomorrow should be busy.
That was the day’s excitement.
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