Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Movistar

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Wednesday August 22, 2018
I awoke with a bunch of nagging reminders on the new house that I just had to write down, before I forgot them.  Even then, I write down 3 and have to wait until #4 pops back in the brain as well.
Dogs and chores, what else is new for a morning routine?  
I was just about to check the Government Migracion website to see if my Cedula was being shown on the ready list.   Tom in Manizales beat me to it, and it is ready, which I also confirmed because I am not making any more trips to Pereira except to holiday, or to shop.  Friday I go get my new Cedula so I can then get other things in order, like banking access, and driver's licence.  Tom will meet us in Pereira to share a PriceSmart (Costco-type store) card with me which expires in December and we will also check out another big discount store called Jumbo.  I hope that I can resist coming home with boxes of tools...  Hardware is my downfall.
Then I decided that I was running out of music in the car.  I thought that my 8gb USB stick was full but it wasn't even 1/2 full so I put almost every song that I have ever downloaded on it, only 1057 songs, no doubt with a few duplicates, but all great Oldies music...
I also tried to sync my phone and the car android, especially for the Waze function but with limited success.  I have synced the Bluetooth but not much else.  I also found some internet radio stations that work in the house where I have wi-fi... I doubt that I will catch those on the highway unless I can get the hot-spot function working,... hence the USB to the rescue...
After lunch Cristina complained that the TV was not working, stuck on a configuration page..  I told her to call the phone number shown and she refused.  She thought that it was caused by someone cutting tree branches on the street.  Later I decided i would call myself and get some action.  I bitch about Movistar all the time but I have to admit that my call not only got action from Movistar, but also from Cristina.  We got the television signal back properly (just dumb luck I think) and we also discussed with them our useless landline phone.  Until today, Cristina was not able to even tell me the phone number.  All we get is a busy-type signal when we pick it up, so Movistar will send someone to fix it.  I have no idea why we have that silly phone, we never use it...
So I happily made new business cards with all the fresh numbers and that felt like I had accomplished something on this sweltering day...  The weather shows 90 and 65F as the Hi - Lo.  Our homes point E - W and the usual prevailing breeze seems to be N or NW so that is not much relief.  I have at least one fan going all the time.
I hope you enjoy the picture, ha ha. That was the day’s excitement.
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Yeah!  My number is on this list!  My Cedula is ready!