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Friday August 24, 2018 Legal

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Friday August 24, 2018
Sorry, I forgot to finish posting this, then I posted it without the photos....  Don't know where my mind w that score....
Last night Cristina had a man in to see about recovering the backs of our recliners, mainly due to the one that we received damaged from HomeCenter and they refused to repair or replace it.  I think I will send yet another nasty note HomeCenter... Grrrrr.
Today, Miguel was kind enough to accompany us and drive into Pereira where it only took a few minutes to pick up my new Cedula...  So I am now a legal resident of my third country and I can proceed to get added to the bank account, and to get my Driver's Licence transferred.
Oh, and my hair has grown since that photo was taken, very rapidly I might add..

We got stopped yet again at another police checkstop on the way up, so I won't delay too much going for the licence (as soon as we are in the new house).
I had not slept well, not trusting for the alarms to go off, I drove all the way up, so I didn't even think about taking out the camera until on the trip back.
Tom from Manizales met us at the Migracion office but he was under some time constraints so we only went to the PriceSmart store and skipped a planned short excursion to the Jumbo store,... that will have to wait another day.  Tom managed to get me a secondary membership card on his, good until December.  We asked about renewing for another year but it has to be within a month of expiry... so we went shopping.  PriceSmart is basically the South American version of Costco.  I picked up a few items, good frying pans, Multivitamins, stainless steel bowls, and a bug-zapper for the new patio...
We are told there are 2 of these stores in Cali, one on the north end, so we wouldn't have to drive too far into town, and hopefully that is the bigger store Miguel and Tom were talking about.  This store was nice but nothing like the ones in Canada, and I was disappointed in the power tools available, almost none...
Tom has only been here about a year but I am so impressed with the knowledge he possesses of Colombia...  He has been a kind and generous resource so far.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I switched the Lumix to taking just JPG shots because it seems to do a better job that way.  In fact, the photos today are straight from the camera, no editing other than resizing.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Beautiful drive between the cordilleras of the Andes

Very green with striking views

Mountains on both sides of the Valle de Cauca


Sharing the road with horses and motorcycles

These guys really clog traffic in the city

Modern rec area with swimming pools

Beautiful divided highways