Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday August 26, 2018 Repairs

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Sunday August 26, 2018
It is funny how something nags at your mind when you are sleepless.  About 4:30 it was bugging me that I had late uploaded Friday's Blog, which I had somehow bypassed, but could not remember captioning the photos.  So I got up at 5am to discover there was a good reason for that, I had not even uploaded the photos.  So I fixed that.  Sorry.
Then I did the usual,.. walk the dogs and chores then got ready for the arrival of Cristina's ex, Carlos, a house contractor, who was to make repairs to damage to our home by the black one we adopted out (Raton).  That darn dog even ate some of the walls so he came and attended to this with fast-drying cements and stucco compound.  He will probably come back to paint on Friday.  (Note the tattoo of Christian on his right arm).  I just love watching an experienced craftsman at work.
We both get along very well with Carlos, a very nice, honest man.  We showed him my ideas for the backyard building I want and we tossed around a few ideas.  I told him that I would like to hire him for September, or most of it, to get a lot of changes accomplished.  I trust him to do good work and to treat us fairly.  Then we took him for lunch at Mega Chuleta, my favourite place.
He was on his motorbike so we met him back at the cemetery in Andalucia, then went to his mother's place for a few minutes.
We called Angela, the present owner of our new house but she was working some election nonsense so she was not home.  She said that chances are that she will be moving Wednesday or Thursday so we likely won't have access to the new place until Friday.  That just cannot happen soon enough for me.
Then Cristina wanted to go to LA14 for some dog event going on under a tent in the parking lot.  Some of the dogs were just plain beautiful and they were all well-behaved, although we saw a couple barf up their lunches from either the heat or the stress.  We even ran into Adiela there.
I hope you enjoy the Lumix pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Many spots to fix.  This was the worst...

I don't know what interested Raton in this wall?

Turi is enjoying the cool patio floor

NeNe is enjoying the cooler kitchen floor

A huge strip here needed patching

This is just one of about a dozen places

Princesa is bored with it all

Buddy loves his tummy rubbed, all day long

Mariposa is looking for attention too

I would never attempt this. 

Carlos makes it look so easy

Note the tattoo of Christian

Let dry and paint

The mausoleum must be on an hourly rate...

I can't wait to have this view for our own

Showing off medium-sized dogs

I would take this beautiful dog in a heartbeat

More people waiting to get on the runway

This gorgeous dog was watching from afar