Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday August 2, 2018 Protection

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Thursday August 2, 2018
Happy 16th Birthday to my youngest grandson Tyson !!!
I guess that with the 2 naps yesterday I should not have expected to sleep last night…  Ugghhh.
Trying to set up the android unit in the car is a total exercise in frustration.  We had it working yesterday but nothing worked this morning.  I figured I would have to use the cel phone itself to do the navigation.  Androids and me have never connected well, ...maybe it is the electricity in my system…. 
GOOD NEWS today,… my Colombian Visa has been approved finally.  We have an appointment to go to Pereira to do whatever we need to do on Monday.  Apparently our niece Ana will be here from Baranquilla and she knows Pereira well, having worked there a long time.  I am pretty certain that she has had a car before as well so she can certainly drive us into the city.
A little birdie called me later to say that I would probably need to return again to Pereira to get the actual Cedula in 5 or 10 more days....  Grrrr..
Adiela and Mom, Julia, stopped in for lunch so that got to be the first passengers in the new car with Cristina.
We went a referral place in the automotive area of Tulua today to see about the body-side mouldings that I want.  There actually is a moulding, way at the bottom of the doors, which is strictly for looks (I don’t know who thinks that looks good..??) and of zero bump value.  So we bought some basic black 1/3 round moulding at this place and had it installed a couple of doors down.  When the guy said that it would take 1.5 hours I almost gagged because this kind of simple installation would have been 20 minutes tops in Canada...  Anybody who knows me also knows that while my stuff may not always be top-of-the-line, it is always serviceable and well-kept.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way.
So we went for ice cream and I had a small banana split for about $1.75.  It was quite good until I got to the dregs and finally figured out that the odd taste was grated white cheese...  eeeuuuwww...  Then we had a little cel phone service started on Adiela's phone before we went back for the car.
They still hadn't finished the work so we watched, ...and helped, because he was about to make a few elementary mistakes that I was able to head off.  Anyway, for $50, this should help keep the paint pristine for a while longer.
Then, because we were at the north end anyway, we slipped up to Andalucia to visit Cristian for a bit.  
Upon firing up the car I heard some strange bell noises and didn't figure that out until Cristina went into the store to pick up a few things..  I heard the bell noise again and was super shocked to see the GMail symbol show up on my radio..!!  Yup, I got mail!   Old mail mind you, but still an important step forward..
Coming back on the ring road I had to watch the speedometer because that little powerless baby still purrs along at 110k, no problem.
I promise to keep any more photos of Izzy (new name??) down to a dull roar from now on...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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This was my $1.75 banana split with cheese hidden....

Whatever Adiela had, it sure looked good too

One side is installed.  That bottom moulding is just plain useless.

It looks high but the body curves dictated that

Lining things up with a piece of wood!

The finished product.

It should look good for a long while

Passenger side looks OK too

Looks pretty level in this shot

Andalucia cemetery chapel again.  Love the views here.