Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday August 8, 2018 Insurance

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Wednesday August 8, 2018
Since I have been in Colombia I hardly ever wear pants or long-sleeved shirts.  Shorts and tank tops are the order of the day.  I have also never felt the need for a sweater so I have a lot of clothes that might never see the light of day.  I have also virtually quit wearing socks as sandals are the thing to wear...  Today I dug out a gift from my niece, Dawn, a Saskatchewan Roughriders T-shirt that feels pretty good on me, even though I am a Calgary Stampeder fan since 1964...
Yesterday I had gone by KIA but they were closed for some holiday. This morning I returned for 2 reasons...  First, I needed to figure out how the heck my alarm works...  which it does, it just has a 30 second delay, and is silent, no beep-beep when arming or disarming, just honk-honk ad nauseum if it gets hit or someone tries to enter without using the fancy key...   Second, I wanted to find out the cost to fix my damaged mirror, and.. if the insurance would cover the hit-and-run without deductible..  They need to replace the whole darn mirror, and paint it, so it would be over $500 and my deductible is $300..  The insurance gal was not in (the famous "come back at 2pm" line) so I just left.  When I got home I grabbed some alcohol and some cotton and rubbed away the white paint scuffs.  There is still a scrape mark or two on the black plastic but I can live with those.  Thank goodness the electronics still all work.
Cristina and I drove over to see Miguel and Adiela and pick up some lentil soup for lunch.  Miguel has suspected gall stones and is in severe discomfort.  He is not impressed with either his insurance company (not paying for needed tests) or with the silly medical system that takes forever to do anything, just as bad or worse than Ecuador apparently.  I'll have to look into my friend Tom's coverage, with which he seems super happy.
I spent the afternoon in the sweltering heat working on photos again.  It is supremely annoying when you work over an hour on something and all that work gets weirdly deleted, but it happens.  I am including another sample "before and after" work that I am quite proud of...
THANK YOU again to all of my faithful followers.
I hope you enjoy the Motorola pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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I don't mind wearing a Rider Pride shirt.  Thanks Dawn.
The mirror looks a little worse for wear, $500+ to fix

A little alcohol cleanup and it looks pretty decent

Original photo of a beautiful artwork

and this is my result with that photo....