Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday August 10, 2018 Funeral

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Friday August 10, 2018
It was a sad morning as we joined many of Cristina's ex-in-laws for the funeral and burial of the matriarch at 104 years of age, named Raquel.  We met the family at the Andalucia church (1.5 blocks from our new house) for the funeral service rendered by a very old but spry priest.
Since we had Adiela and Mom, Ana Julia, with us, and it was around 32C, we popped out to the cemetery well in advance of the procession.  This allowed us to deposit Ana Julia, who has mobility problems at age 84, close to the sidewalk and the graves.  Then I could also park in a safe spot in the shade.
I hadn't realized that this was a walking procession so it took a while to arrive.  The waiting gravesite was whitewashed and it is only 3 over from her great-grandson Christian.
I didn't realize that the priest does not come and provide a service graveside.  4 men carry the casket to this shallow grave, ropes are passed underneath to allow it to be lowered, then they put the sidewalk blocks across the top and fill it with dirt.  So very simple and straightforward as they treat death.
We stopped at a roadside place for a delightful almuerzo lunch of soup, beans, rice, potatoes and pork, with juice, and 2 coffees.  We also got one to go for Miguel, so we got all that for $12...
I may add to this Blog later as we are supposed to go out and visit a 1/2  sister this afternoon, much later.....

We actually went first to visit an uncle of Cristina's (her dad's brother) who is helping her get medical appointments in Cali.  He himself is headed for prostate surgery.
Then we did go to visit more family, the 1/2 sister Ana-Beatriz, her hubby Willian, and son Jhon.  No, none of those names are misspelled, that is how many are named here.  This was a truly delightful visit and they did all they could to make me feel at home, getting beer, and playing Oldies But Goodies music... seriously!  Jhon is 16 years old and a pretty good artist.  Willian was just so congenial and very much into helping his son's soccer team.  Ana-Beatriz looks a lot like my Cristina and is such a genuinely sweet person.  I am sure that we will see more of them once we get settled.
I am trying to take photos and having problems with getting the flash to work, so I felt pretty stupid.... 
I just got this message on RedBubble, one of the sites where I sell my photos:
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I am flattered...
I hope you enjoy the Lumix pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Nice church and nice day for a funeral

The tomb is ready for Raquel

Christian was getting a lot of visits too

This little cousin had great expressions

Gosh I love this view...

The procession enters the cemetery

The hearse is followed by lots of mourners

The coffin is being quickly lowered (hidden)

The dirt is quickly added by the Pallbearers

Add flowers...

Jhon, Ana-Beatriz, Willian

Jhon, Ana-Beatriz, Willian

Jhon, Ana-Beatriz, Willian

Willian playing the salsa cowbell

My new sister-in-law

So very pretty indeed

She and Cristina have a lot of similarities

Adiela, Ana-Beatriz, and Cristina

3 lovely sisters for sure