Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday August 28, 2018 Sad & Happy

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Tuesday August 28, 2018
So help me, just about every day is a Rainy Day or Monday in Latin America.
Cristina tends to leave things too late all the time so we finally made it to Movistar to tell them about our move.  The installations are by hired help so they can't even schedule a convenient day or time.  We may be without Internet for a while but maybe we will actually get the house phone to work.
Then we went to Andalucia to see Angela, the present owner of the house.  We caught her at City Hall where she works and got the further bad news that she can only move out on Friday morning.....  I was kinda planning on Friday anyway, just because, so now it is arranged that we will move in Friday evening at 5pm.
She told us a violent storm that passed through Andalucia last night, missing Tulua, and causing damage with high winds.  Apparently some thatched roofs disappeared.
Then we went to buy some flowers in Christian's name for his grandmother's 80th birthday before rushing to the cemetery because they apparently close for lunch... WTF???  We added fresh flowers to the grave as it is also the 9-month anniversary of Christian's death.  We had to cut our mopurning short as Cristina noticed that the fellow was already locking up the entry/exit gates at 11:45 so we hollered and managed to get out...
We went for lunch up the road to a place that serves excellent food, both of us under $5.  Cristina spotted her niece riding by on a bicycle and called her over.  It is also Lina's 33rd birthday, as well as her twin Ana, so we had a chat and she helped us a little with our food.  Cristina will return later with Lina's Mom, Adiela, with her birthday gift.
Then we popped in on Grandma in time to witness the delivery of her birthday flowers.  She and Cristina had a long cry over Christian.   Sorry, I didn't take photos...  We chatted with Carlos about ideas for the house and he confirmed the heavy rain the night before.  His sister even had video footage.  Carlos' sister and her daughter run that day-school I mentioned last week and all these super-cute kids were in attendance.  Later I will get into individual photos I hope.
Not to be daunted, we headed in to the Transito office to see what is required to get a Colombian licence.  We were first in line and it did not take long to get more bad, absolutely ridiculous news....  I have to go to driving school like some novice who has never driven before.  I learned to drive at age 12, 56 years ago, with a 3-ton grain truck, and drove alone for harvest, loading and unloading the grain myself.  Apparently this is the law here, but that does not make me any happier.  I could teach the bloody classes to these bozos that can't drive here...  Oh I am so upset about this..  And I get to pay over $200 and waste 3 weeks or more with this BS.  I would be so tempted to just drive illegally but I don't want my car impounded...  
We went next to the driving school nearby they recommended.  Then we asked and found out that there is a driving school a couple of blocks from the house in Andalucia...  I guess that that is where I will be for a while.
Once home, Cristina contacted the truckers that will transport everything from here to Andalucia for about $70.  So apparently we are booked for Friday afternoon...  Cross your fingers for us.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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I can't wait to get this view for myself.

Lina is 33 today

The kids are cute and well-behaved at the day-school

I don't think we were as well behaved at that age

Recommended driving schools

Driving school costs (divide by 3,000)