Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday August 21, 2018 Restoration

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Tuesday August 21, 2018
Lately I seem to be getting into the habit of walking the dogs then just crawl back into bed for another couple of hours.  Right now we don't have too much on the go so we occupied much of our time with cleaning the car and the house.
Today I am going to show you a progression of working on restoring a photo of a badly aged photo/painting.  I showed you this family photo on Sunday of Cristina's Grandma and Great-grandma and I have been wanting to make it up decent for her Mom as a keepsake.
I tried on Sunday night for about 3 hours but got too involved in altering things that just wouldn't cooperate and I deleted almost all of that work and started again tonight.  I wish I could just snap my fingers and bring it back to original shape but that doesn't happen.  Some flaws we just do our best to work around and try to bring back an acceptable product.  In this I had to solicit Cristina's eyes and thoughts when I presented her with about nine options in Smart Photo Editor for some of the final editing.
The main trouble was that the Great-grandma in the middle was lighter, and a different colour, which made it very hard to attempt to balance.  I hope you like our final result which we have now printed, and will probably get framed for Julia...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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This is my original shot of the framed painting

First basic edit to get rid of dots and streaks

Lightened to get back more detail

Darkening Great-grandma a bit, the clothes a lot...

Changed the background

Reduced some of the colour

More smoothing and facial adjustment - the end result