Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday August 25, 2018 Recliners

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Saturday August 25, 2018
I hurriedly walked the dogs this morning because Cristina had received a sale flyer somewhere for a store that was having great bargains from 5am to 8am.  We got there by 7am and it was literally a zoo of humanity and we could hardly move.  The lineups were at least 30 carts to every till and they blocked access to almost everything...  It was ridiculous to put up with that to save a few pennies so we headed back out the door.  We went into a store 2 doors down that had a sale with prices almost as good and virtually had the store to ourselves.  So we stocked up on more stuff for the new house.  The little room at the front of the house is getting pretty full.
We barely got home and unpacked when we heard from the delivery guy from Exito bringing our other new mattress.  Now I have to walk sideways to enter that little room!
For some reason, I was just exhausted and could barely stand, so I made it upstairs for a further 2-hour nap was in order to recharge the batteries.  Then I did my chores and went downstairs in time to attend to the upholsterer who returned with the finished back covers for the recliners as well as seat pads in matching fabric.  He had also repaired the torn seat back that HomeCenter had refused to fix.  Overall, I thing we paid under $60 for everything. 
For the sake of about $10 they are really going to lose a ton of business from us!  It has been recommended that I talk to their parent company, some bank out of Peru.  I am just mad enough to do just that, and I did..!!!
I hope you enjoy the pictures taken with the phone.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Installing the perfect-fit covers for the seat back

It looks pretty good with the new seat pad

He had even hand-sewn the seam rip in this chair

Pretty good looking chairs for under $300 each.