Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday August 5, 2018 Health

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Sunday August 5, 2018
It rained last night and this morning so that I could not take the dogs for their morning walk.   I always feel guilty about that.
I've been meaning to write for some time about my present condition, and I will repeat that, other than the effects of the accident, I am still the healthiest person I know.  Most of my body is much better but the weak arms and hands persist, with occasional spasms and aches.  The 10,000 volts I used to feel whenever I bent my head forward has reduced considerably.  I no longer wear socks 24 hours a day to combat the skin sensitivity in the feet.  I am resolved now, after 20 months, that I will probably not improve much more and I just have to make the best of it.  I can't make the break from the Gabapent and painkillers just yet, but I think that is in the offing when things slow down to a dull roar around here.
Cristina's niece, Ana, came in for a visit from Baranquilla (way north) and is expected to make the trip to Pereira with us tomorrow.   She slipped out to get her hair cut and then called us to meet for a late lunch at LA 14.
Next we drove over to Miguel and Adiela's to pick up another niece, Natalia, and we made a drive out to Andalucia again, doing a bit of shopping, before stopping in unannounced (not my idea) at the new house to show the nieces.  Needless to say, they are both pretty impressed with all the room we have, especially that enormous backyard.  It did give me a chance to check out a couple of things about water pressure, line up of the reservoir, and a roof drain, which all had been nagging me a little.
I also have plans for a patio, with a roofed deck above, to duplicate some of the view from the cemetery.  Those misty mountains just calm me right down.
Then Cristina decided that we were all going back across Tulua to shop for a few things at La Herradura shopping center so, of course, we did.  I also spotted the big refrigerator that we want to buy is on sale until Wednesday, for around $500.  I know where I am going on Wednesday....
As we were having an ice cream we got word that Miguel was taking himself to emergency with persistent stomach problems.  It is unclear, but possibly gall bladder, or gall stones, but that is just speculation.  So we headed to the hospital but they would only one person to sit with Miguel so Natalia took that role.  Adiela was still at home, getting ready to come on her moto.  Cristina and I went across the street where I ordered 3 empanadas for supper.  I was just biting into the last one when I see Miguel has joined us.  So here is a guy with health insurance, obviously ailing, refused admission for tests at Emergency this evening...  That really makes me raise my eyebrows at the Colombian health system in Tulua...  So we called Adiela to not bother to come, and we drove Miguel and Natalia home.
When I got home I made good on my promise to take the dogs out for a walk, and they all rewarded me with a quick deposit to the fertilizer fund.
I hope you enjoy the Lumix pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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