Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday June 1, 2018 SOLD = Happy Dance

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Friday June 1, 2018
I was on pins and needles all day when I learned that my buyers were still looking at 3 more houses with the Realtor, Veronica Arpi.  Then I got word that they didn’t really like any of them, still liked mine, and were going to discuss it over lunch.
The stress was getting to me, and the sun was beckoning, so I jumped on Buzzer and went to Pizza House for their $4.99 lunch special.  It was kinda cute there because all the staff were in costumes, mostly Superheroes, because apparently this is the Day Of The Child??  Anyway, I got a few of them to pose.  I was approached by an old fellow who I thought was going to beg for money, then he said, "don’t you recognize me?"  I did a double-take and realized that this is the fellow who was in the next hospital bed when I had my accident November 2016.  The poor guy says that his heart operation was botched and they have to re-do everything.  I am amazed that he recognized me.  I hate to admit that his memory is obviously better than mine...
Then I went on Buzzer and rode around a bit, taking some city skyline photos in the beautiful sunshine.  This is the kind of weather that we love in Cuenca.  We hope the rainy season has called it quits until next year.
I came home and some Ecuadorians related to the people at the Matuchef Restaurant in the next block came to look at the house.  While they were viewing, I got the call that I had been waiting for.  The fellow wants to buy my house, is putting down a deposit, and Monday we talk to the lawyer.
The realtor was going to come in an hour for my house papers, etc, but called back to beg to come tomorrow because she is suddenly swamped.   So I will have a busy day Saturday with 3 separate appointments…  It will give me so much pleasure to put up a nice SOLD sign...!!!

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Oh, and all the photos were taken with the Lumix that gave me the fright on Tuesday.  I am thankful today beyond words.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Pizza House - The best meat-lover's pizza in town, or anywhere..

The cool staff at the Paseo de Los Canaris location

My old hospital-mate over 1.5 years ago, with family

Cuenca #1

Cuenca #2

Cuenca #3

Cuenca #4

Cuenca #5

Cuenca #6

Cuenca #7

Cuenca #8

Cuenca #9

Cuenca #10

Cuenca Panorama