Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday June 5, 2018 - 2 - Adventure Team

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Tuesday June 5, 2018
I tried to have a nap in the afternoon prior to going out riding but that was pretty fitful, still waiting for these Cellgevity pills to kick in with their magical powers.
A small bunch of riders met tonight at Goza, where I had a nice burger and fries, and we passed through El Centro where the Corpus Cristi celebrations are happening.  We saw a few seconds of fireworks as we passed by but I was thankful not to stop there, ...too many sweets, and I avoid such crowds due to the pickpockets now.  We stopped for a few minutes at Santo Domingo church which is one of the prettiest in the city at night.
We headed out Ordonez Lasso towards the Cajas and cut into San Joaquin where we spent a little more time.  I asked what happened to the ride that was supposed to have happened on Sunday and I found out they plan on going this coming Sunday.  They had asked for suggestions and people were suggesting places we had already been to several times.  I had suggested going through Paute to El Pan which is one of my favourite scenic rides.  So I suggested it again and it was unanimously agreed upon, surprising the heck out of me...
Then one of the gals realized that she had lost her wallet with all her important papers.  We searched this location but never found it.  She felt that she may have lost it across from the gas station at Ordonez Lasso and Las Americas where she and her son had changed into warmer jackets.  So we rode back there and searched but still no luck.  Hopefully someone honest will have found it and will call her.
The boy, Nicolas, was hungry for a hot dog so we stopped at the Kleber's Mandingos on Gran Colombia.  Gustavo treated us all to the 34cm huge dogs and Coke.  I brought half of mine and Isabel's to feed the street dogs.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Santo Domingo is so striking at night

I removed the people from this shot

Love the domes (found the cross in the shadows)

Our fun Adventure Team tonight

Gustavo liked this cute 135cc bike (smaller than his 900cc beauty)

The church at San Joaquin is boring at night

6 bikes tonight, 8 riders

Fun bunch to ride with, no politics..