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Thursday June 14, 2018 SRI

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Thursday June 14, 2018
Veronica notified me that she was successful in getting the documents to the tax office and that the calculations were under way.  Then I was asked to go to the lawyer’s office to sign some papers after 3pm.  The appointment to sign the final house sale papers has been moved to tomorrow at 12:30 at the notary.
So I stopped at the lawyers office and signed those documents, then decided to tackle the SRI IVA refund problem with my bank change, again...  First I stopped at the NAF office with the Salesiano accounting students, but got nowhere because I gave them the wrong password to get into my account, which I did not realize until I was stomping my way to the SRI office in the next block.  I went  upstairs to the "devoluciones" (refunds) office and waited.  I explained that this was my fourth attempt to change the bank account from Banco Del Austro to Banco Pichincha because I need to close the BDA account which I cannot access in Colombia.....  Naturally they say "we can't help you today, come back in a week".  I say "I am leaving the country in a week... I need this solved by Tuesday at the latest".  They just shrug their shoulders like the usual useless Ecuadorian Government bureaucrats that they are...  Then I ask if they can at least tell me if my April and May refunds have been sent to my BDA account...  More shrugs, "come back in a week"....  
I would love to see the application to work for the Ecuadorian Government..  I am sure that anyone who ticks the boxes -
⌧ Yes, I am ignorant , or can pretend ignorance, and
⌧ Yes, I will blissfully frustrate anyone who tries to make sense of Government services -
gets immediately hired.....  
Then I went to apologize to the kids at the NAF Salesiano office.  At least they try but are just learning the ropes.
So, the bottom line is that if I do not have the April and May refunds in my BDA account by Wednesday, I guess the Government steals my money again..
FYI, these are the maximum monthly payouts back to 2013 for the IVA refunds, the high being $219.60 and the low $87.84.  The number for 2018 is presently $92.64.

I was still running a little early so I took a chance and stopped in to see old friends Teresa and Billy in Gringolandia.  It is always a pleasure to see old friends and get a chance to say goodbye before or departure next week.  We are hoping to see Teresa and Billy and many others at the Oldies But Goodies dance this coming Wednesday.
Then I went to Ed & Lynne's apartment for a delicious chili supper, with salad, guacamole dip and dessert with real whipped cream.  We were joined by Bob and Joanna from upstairs, and also a nice lady from Edmonton named Sylvia.  We played a domino-style game called Mexican Train and that was a lot of fun.  I was the high-score leader throughout much of the game but, of course, it is low score that wins.  Congrats to Bob on that one.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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