Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday June 5, 2018 Typical Ecuador

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Tuesday June 5, 2018
I was working away on photos this morning and had just started the process to upload my second photo for sale when the power went out.  I looked out the window and saw the cause immediately.  A big power company truck was at the end of the block with the bucket fully extended and they were working on a power pole.  I could tell this was going to last a while so I decided, since I can't do much at home, I'll go try to get my SR and IVA receipts for May looked after...  First I stopped at SRI to see why they had not amended the deposits to go into my Banco Pichincha account as requested..  They gave me paper forms to submit my receipts, and to change my banking, which is patently ridiculous when they are forcing us to do everything online now...  It makes no sense at all, like usual.  So I go around the corner to the Salesian University place that did my April return and gave them the paperwork and receipts.  Their system was down so I just left the stuff and I will return tomorrow after they call me.
Then I came home around lunchtime and went to the "meat grill" place 2 doors over and had a hamburger and fries for $2.  It was a good sized burger too!  While there, Cristina called me and I told her I would call her back after I ate.  I called her as I walked toward the guys working on the electrical pole to show her what was happening.  The boss seemed to take exception that I was showing someone their work via the camera on my phone.  I just showed him that I was only talking to my wife and he was mollified somewhat.  I asked how long it would, and he said about an hour, and he was pretty close..
Yesterday I was texting on Whatsapp with the realtor and she said that the new owners were meeting with their lawyer "tomorrow" (which I thought was strange, because earlier she had said Wednesday) and I could show up at 3:30.  So I got all ready and took a bus down to the Acropolis building and, you guessed it, the appointment is for Wednesday.....  Ugh...
The new wonder pills (Cellgevit, sp?) seem to be almost having the opposite effect as I was told, i.e. more energy, toxins leaving, possible headaches, drink a lot of water, pee more often.. etc.  I have a month's supply so we will give it a chance to deliver on its promises.
So here I am again, in complete frustration with the processes of Ecuador, whether it is unannounced electricity cut-offs, more Government ridiculousness or inaccurate information from supposed professionals.  Our Father, deliver us from evil,... before I kill someone...
If the weather holds, I will probably go riding tonight so I can talk with Gustavo.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Surprise, surprise, no electricity for hours

The little cafe 2 doors over

It is a lot bigger that it looks from 24 de Mayo