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Wednesday June 27, 2018 Latin America

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Wednesday June 27, 2018
The differences so far between Ecuador and Colombia are negligible except for the heat.  Latinos have a "me first" mindset from childbirth that is frustrating for those of us from different cultures.  While we more than appreciate the help we get, it is still upsetting to us when we have an appointment to be picked up at 11:30, so we get ready on time only to have that pushed back to 1:30 at the last second, then they actually don't arrive until 2:00 because they had to wait for lunch...
So we arrived in the afternoon at Movistar to get a plan for my cel phone (which also needed registration - why wasn't that done when we got the first SIM card??) only to find their systems are down because their systems are antiquated (isn't that good advertising..??).  
In Ecuador I had the same phone number for 6.5 years, changed from Claro to Movistar and back again, and finally went from the unreliable prepaid to a Plan with little problem.  Here, I was forced to get a new phone number to get a Plan, no porting, and it had to go in Cristina's name because I have no valid ID here, they wouldn't accept my credit card for the first month's payment and they would not set up for monthly withdrawals from our bank account.  It boggles my mind why the whole family here seems to think that Movistar is the best choice here...  They do have a better basic Plan, but nothing much else seems to work in our favor.
The NetTalk is operating when plugged into my laptop so far.  Hopefully we will have no problem hooking up to the PC later.
Next we went to the La Herradura shopping center near home to shop at the Exito grocery (small Wal-Mart style place) which, I had thought was a decent size previously, but I was shocked at the extremely poor selection of things, most items in a single small size range.  There were several simple things on my list that we just did not find.  And a lot of their prices are only cheaper if you use their proprietary credit card (don't know if we will qualify), and the lineups were horrible at every checkout.  I did buy another blasted HP Ink-tank 315 printer (with no cable) because I was assured that it was the most economical to operate over the more expensive Epson.  Time will tell if this is true.  I have quit being a fan of HP.  And I did find a cable for it at home, I think.  I don't really want to set it up until I get my computer back (still no word on that either).
In the evening we had a pretty strong rainstorm.  This house has 3 patio areas open to the sky so it is a good thing that the drains seem to operate well, much better than the rest of the plumbing...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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