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Monday June 18, 2018 Friends

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Monday June 18, 2018
So much on my mind…  I awoke at 2am and finally got up at 4am so I could get most of my chores done before Victor and John came to get me around 7:45.  Victor helped facilitate through the cobwebs to transfer utilities and internet from me to John.  Actually, the first two stops at Etapa and Empresa Electrica just confirmed our fears that they both need to see a copy of the bill of sale for the house and John will have to complete the switchover as the new owner after we do the signing on Wednesday morning.  I gave John $20 to cover any remaining amounts that I may owe, which shouldn’t be much because both bills were just paid.  Etapa said I would owe under $4.
Our stop at Servicable went smoothly as John signed a new contract on the same basis that I have, so there is no equipment swapping problems and he should benefit from the free TV that I have been getting for 4 years…
Victor and I also stopped at Claro to cancel my contract which will take 2 weeks (why???) but that works in my favor, because I only need it for another 4 days.  I gave Victor $20 to return in 2 weeks to pay whatever the pro-rate will be, I have already paid for June, so it should not be much, and.. bonus.. no penalty…
Then I had a badly needed rest for an hour before getting ready for Oswaldo to come and pick me up.  He came from one medical appointment for an Echocardiogram and then we ran to his sister’s place to meet a nephew who is a doctor to check out a stomach problem he is having.  He was prescribed painkillers until they can figure out the problem, possibly diverticulitis..??
Next we went to Mark & Karen’s for a farewell supper of tasty roast beef and mashed potatoes topped off with my favourite (and Marks too) lemon meringue pie…. Yummmmmmmmmmy!!  We managed to play a little with Shiloh who doesn't usually let anyone touch her ball.  And we got again treated to a slideshow of some of the magnificent photos Mark and Karen had taken during their last African safari.  Incredible shots!
Cristina and I spoke on Whatsapp as she was departing Cali on the bus on her brief return to Cuenca.  I am so looking forward to seeing her and we have so many things to accomplish in the next couple of days....  
There will probably be no Blog for Thursday or Friday as we pack up the computer and clothes and make our way to Tulua....
I hope you enjoy the pictures, all taken with the Motorola phone.  That was the day’s excitement.
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