Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday June 21, 2018 Leaving

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Thursday June 21, 2018
After my computer decided that it's fairly new power supply would quit working, and I couldn't get a computer tech to rush out in my emergency, it became an easy idea to finish my packing early, loading up the computer, monitor and keyboard in amongst my clothes, electrical stuff and toiletries.
I had one nagging issue with that blocked eavestrough above the lavanderia so I had Patricio the Plumber come and look after that.
Since I couldn't get all that I wanted in the two remaining suitcases, AND stay under 23 kgs each, I loaded up one more suitcase with more tools and clothes and left that for pickup by Alex in the morning..  Now that gives Alex and Cecilia the impetus to come and visit.
At 3pm we went back to the lawyers and waited while she cajoled a lady at SRI to fix the problem with my Buzzer registration so I could sign it over to the new owner without having to pay a gob more money to make a power-of-attorney because we couldn't hang around any longer.  At the last second, the SRI lady came through and Cristina and I went to the Notary's office and finished that paperwork.
Using my phone, I was able to confirm that the money transfer had gone through so that was one more worry removed.
Then we came back, gave the house another once-over and waited for the new owner John, and his girlfriend Peggy to show up with more of ther stuff and we handed over the keys.
Gustavo came as requested with his work truck and we loaded the 4 large suitcases and 4 backpacks and went to spend the night at his place.  It sure helps to have resourceful friends like this.  
We did our best to sleep in a strange bed in a quiet house (no white noise) and got a couple of hours in before we realized that we were listening to an intermittent sound like a faint cuckoo clock that has us counting half the night.  There would be usually 16 seconds of silence followed by from 4 to 22 seconds of cuckoos.  It was driving me...  cuckoo...  It wasn't until morning that we realized the sound was from the crosswalk signal on the corner... duh...

Ready to leave....
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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