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Tuesday June 19, 2018 Busy

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Tuesday June 19, 2018
I sleep just enough to be functional but it is as cold as I have ever felt it in Cuenca.  I am actually using the heater function of my fancy humidifier   Even though I have trouble feeling cold or warm I am really noticing the cold.
I was up around 5am to get as many chores done as possible before jumping on Buzzer to handle the banking issues.  First I went to Banco Pichincha  and withdrew everything but $104, for any outstanding utilities and to leave the account active for any deposits for money owed, and for any Coopera payouts.
Then I rode Buzzer to Banco Del Austro and just closed the account, fed up that SRI did not deposit yet my IVA refunds for April or May.  In hindsight I should have left a minimum and left my card with Gustavo....  I am not necessarily thinking straight when I get angry at the Government here.
I had the maid come in at 10am with instructions to take her time and clean everything really well until 3:30 and I would pay her double her asking rate.  It was worth it to get a super clean place to turn over to the new owner.
I headed for my final Cuenca Camera Club meeting at a new location, Santa Canela Restaurant on Calle Larga for 1pm.  The President got lost coming from Chordeleg, after having been delayed by a rockslide, and arrived an hour late.  We amused ourselves watching the World Cup game between Russia (3) and Egypt (1).
Then I ran to get Buzzer gassed up for the Tuesday night bike ride and stopped at another bank to change $20's into $5's for a float for the OBG dance Wednesday.
I got home, paid off the maid, and headed for a much-needed nap before the ride.  At 6:15 I get a call from Gustavo that the group had decided to change the ride day to Wednesdays, which will of course conflict with the OBG dance so I guess I won't see them again...
Then Gustavo asked if I was hungry (I was) and he said he would pick me up at 6:45.  He wanted to go to the Golden Prague Restaurant where we had a Lager and a T-bone steak.  Heavenly....  We kept our coats on the whole time because it was so darn cold.  We also got to watch a local soccer game.
The Gustavo kindly drove me to the bus station for 10pm to await the arrival of my beautiful wife.  It turns out that she had left Quito around 2pm and showed up around 10:30pm.  She was so groggy that she almost walked right past me but when she saw me her smile was magnificent....  Then we headed straight for bed because we have such an important day Wednesday with the signing of the papers to sell the house and Buzzer, go witness the money transfer request, pay the realtor the balance, and then the OBD dance in the evening.  Thursday will be crazy as we finish packing and vacate...
I hope you enjoy the pictures, taken with the Motorola phone.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Sorry, I was really hungry before I remembered...

My good buddy Gustavo is looking after me..

I am so happy to have Cristina with me, for good