Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday June 11, 2018 Frustrations

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Monday June 11, 2018
Last night Cristina and I discussed our options and decided to sleep on it.  I awoke at 4:30am (it was raining) and we now have a big change in plans.  Since Cristina does not have the proper exit stamp in her Passport, she needs to return to Ecuador anyway, so she decided that she will return by bus, probably on the 19th.  Then we can leave with 4 suitcases and 4 backpacks and the move is complete.  I have booked her on the same flight as me to leave June 22.
My first order of business today was to bus to get that money out of Banco Del Austro to pay the realtor.  Little did I know that I could have waited even longer.
I caught a second bus to try to find the place that stored our Marriage Licence so we could get apostiled copies.  The place was no longer there but a neighboring lawyer pointed me across the street to the Registro Civil building, where we got married.  I talked to a nice young man who entered some stuff, checked at the information desk, then said to come back in 2 days, his system was down....
Then I caught a third bus to San Francisco Plaza which is all moved around again pending the completion of the renovations.  I bought 2 more of the large duffel/suitcases with the useless casters on the bottom for $20 each.  We now have 4 of those to complete this final trip to Colombia.  Now the trick is to stay under 23 kgs each.  Then I got a fourth bus home.
I decided that I had better begin to use the baby potatoes languishing in the pantry.  I ended up cleaning all of them and making mashed potatoes to go along with the filet mignon (lomo fino) that I decided to make for supper.  Now I have mashed potatoes for another 3 meals.
Those actions reaffirmed something that I had known for a long time, ... standing at the sink and working is actually relaxing and therapeutic for me.  Whether it is doing dishes or peeling potatoes, it calms me down...  Maybe it is the same for some other people, I don't know, but I sure need a lot of calming these days.
My opinion of female lawyers in Ecuador took another nosedive when I was informed that the closing of our house sale is delayed, hopefully only for a couple of days.  It was the lawyer who set tomorrow at 4pm for closing and now they are talking 'maybe' Thursday... like it is only their time that matters...   Ugh.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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5:30am and raining, but it did clear up nicely later.

Supper is on the stove

A meal fit for a boy from Alberta (beef country)