Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday May 31, 2018 Hopeful

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Thursday May 31, 2018
Not to jinx myself, but I am finally EXCITED about a buying prospect..!!
Yesterday afternoon I had my first ever showing by a realtor, who did nothing except drive the people over here, and didn't really say a word the whole time.  That is probably just as well because the prospects were an American/Chinese couple and they really liked the house.  I always said that all I needed was for just one gringo couple to see the house and it would sell...  I hope that I am prophetic.
This morning Alex stopped by and we spent the morning watching tennis, I didn't even see my computer until now.  Then the doorbell rang and I thought it was probably Cecilia, but it turned out to be the prospects, John and Peggy, again..!!  
They said that they had decided to come to check out the neighborhood and decided to take a chance and ring the doorbell.  We discussed many things like movies, transferring money, switching the utilities and all very positive things.  John said that they had added up the pluses and minuses and only had two slight negatives that were not insurmountable, setting up a garden and using the stairs...  He even wants to take Buzzer in the deal.  So things are very positive at the moment as they went to check out the Monay Mall, etc.  They shop a lot at Gran Aki, also close by, so I have my fingers and toes crossed.
I just called the realtor and clued her in so that we don't lose this one.  Hopefully we will be going to the lawyer(s) soon and get me on the road to be with Cristina who was very happy to hear this news...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.