Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday June 23, 2018 Hot

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Saturday June 23, 2018
At 6pm, as the sun was setting the temperature was showing as 29C, and at 8am this morning here were the temps showing:

I know that even my wife is tired of the heat here so we will no doubt be relocating within 7 months or so when her lease is up on this house....  
At 9am my phone was showing the temp at 24C already. 
We walked the dogs together early this morning and she told me not to expect that very often, she likes to sleep in.  That will make it hard for me because apparently the police don't like large multiples of dogs and so which 3 do I take first???
I unpacked most of my stuff so my computer station looks like a tornado went through...
We finally got out of the house around 11am and went and exchanged some US cash into the local currency downtown.  We decided to go for lunch at a shopping center called "LA 14", la catorze, or the fourteen.  We had an amazing lunch for $3 and then set about shopping...  We found a huge wardrobe and 3 shelf units and a TV stand which will be delivered Monday.
We went next door to the "Home Center", kinda like a Home Depot/Walmart, and bought 2 faux leather recliners and bathroom shelves, lamps, and more.
All told we spent more than 3,000,000 pesos and I am happy to say that I had no problem with my CIBC USD Visa card working....  I know that sounds like a lot, but that is just over $1,000.
Then we waited 45 minutes to talk to a gal at the Movistar cellular booth.  Personally I don't have much use for Movistar as a provider, (they steal your minutes if you do not use them) and I hate crooks that bother you all the time with messages.  Cristina however likes Movistar and our internet and TV are also through them.  Anyway, I listened to Cristina and we are going only on the pay-as-you-go for a bit to see how that works.  Apparently if you recharge at least $4 then you get internet privileges as well.  I will give it a chance...
So, my Colombian cel number is Country code 57, 318-517-7898 and WhatsApp is therefore +57-318-517-7898 for anybody that cares...
There are just so many things to do to get set up in a new country properly.
Tomorrow we will relax and cheer on Colombia in the World Cup, and hopefully the recliners will be delivered in time.
BTW, I am struggling to get my NetTalk operating here without much luck yet.  I will probably have to call them Monday by computer to troubleshoot it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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$3 lunch at LA 14

Very modern Home Center store