Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday June 25, 2018 Shelving

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Monday June 25, 2018
The altitude in Cuenca was 2,560 m (8,400 ft) and it is only 960 m (3,150 ft),  here in Tulua which is similar to my old stomping grounds near Calgary, Alberta at 1,042 m (3,420 ft) so this is easy to take.  And all 3 places are in, or near, the mountains which is also easy to take….  The only difference is the heat factor here, .... and definitely no snow…. 
I walked the 2 sets of dogs again at 6:30am.  There are a couple of homeless guys who sleep in the park around the lake.  It was disheartening to see one sleeping on concrete, probably to avoid the huge ants, and another washing himself in a small drainage canal. 
At 8:30am we had the delivery of our wardrobe and TV stand and 3 shelf units, which surprisingly all came in boxes except one shelf unit which was assembled but which was missing a small plastic shelf support.  I had thought we were getting most right off the floor at LA 14.  So Cristina had the name and number for a fellow who does the assembly of these things for LA 14 and we called him.  I just don’t have the energy or stamina to bend and twist and turn to do all that work.  John the assembly guy quoted us the equivalent of $50 so I was more than happy to let him do it, and.. he brought a replacement shelf support.   John came at 10:30am as promised, and he turned out to be the great, knowledgeable salesman that sold us the shelves, and he was nothing short of amazing!!!  AND, he even had a cordless drill, which is something you might find with one of 1,000 workmen in Cuenca!  In 3 short hours he assembled 2 shelf units, a TV stand, and that monster wardrobe.  He literally knew which end was up, so no pieces were put in upside down or backwards…   He didn’t even need the instructions to tell him where to start, which pieces to use in which order, or which screws, bolts, nails, fasteners or hardware went where.  It was apparent that he had assembled many such units and I just shook my head in wonder.  I know that I would have spent 3 hours alone just organizing all the pieces for that incredible wardrobe and probably wrecked my back trying to put all that together (I have no doubt that it would have taken me 3 days to do all that, and exhausted my vast vocabulary of swear words…   Hiring a professional is always worth the coin..  I contented myself with helping where I knew it would be appreciated.  John earned himself a nice tip as well.
This allowed us to unpack almost everything else that we had delayed, so now we have a clue what we actually brought, and where things are.  Another good day in the neighbourhood.
Next we need to get my darn computer operating again…….
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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My altimeter reading here in Tulua

NeNe is inspecting the new TV stand

Then we added a new shelf unit with doors

This unit went upstairs near the computer

Assembling the monster wardrobe unit

This thing is a dream for multi-storage

The electric drill makes it so much faster

Keeping track of all these pieces is mind-boggling

The pre-assembled shelf unit and the completed wardrobe