Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday June 8, 2018 Details, details

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Friday June 8, 2018
Yesterday I tried to advise all my other realtors that the house is indeed sold.  The one who had been tasked to sell it for over a year, and did basically nothing, actually questioned if I was correct when I said it was sold... Duh.
Mr Nice Guy that I am I have prepared a list of people for the new owners to contact if they have any problems, i.e. plumber, candlestick maker... etc.
I also printed off my bank statement to see what my Utility/Cable payments are, and made arrangements for the new owners and I to go with Victor next Friday to switch everything over. 
Then I was invited by awesome friends Mark & Karen for supper at La Cuchara Magica.  Their friend James also joined us so we were 4 Canadians being served by 2 Canadians, and we enjoyed their Thursday night special of a roast turkey dinner, just like Christmas...!!  Soooo good!  The plan was to go watch the fireworks for the last night of the Corpus Cristi celebration but that would have meant waiting an extra hour so we all just shrugged our shoulders and went to our respective homes.  I was quite happy to get out of pickpocke heaven.
I had a very poor sleep and therefore was up much too early this morning, trying to get most chores done for another full day of running, to correct issues left over from Wednesday (this is Ecuador you know).  I didn't bother uploading artworks for sale this morning because there were a couple of other things worth posting on Facebook that were enough for today.
I decided to first run Buzzer to the mechanic Geovanny again because I still have starting problems.  He wasn't there so I had a nice sausage and potato lunch for $1 at the Colombian place next door.  When Geovanny arrived, I also asked him to tighten the brakes and blow out my air cleaner while he was at it.
From there I caught a bus down to Coral at Monay and did most of my final grocery shopping for my last 2 weeks here.  Silly me, I grabbed 2 heads of cabbage, one green and one red, which was enough to make 14 lunches..  Coral had no Granadillas so I had to stop in to see Maria down the street, our neighbourhood vegetable lady.  That is handy.
After putting away the groceries I walked to the Cruz Azul (Blue Cross) Pharmacy to add a little time to my bus card, before jumping on the #16 to get to Banco Pichincha.  The girl on Wednesday had told me that the access code to get into the online banking is sent to both my phone and my email... wrong!!  We actually had to cancel and restart my account, changing the username, then changing the permissions so the code will, yes, will be sent to my email...  The reason for this is because I will only have email access in Colombia, no more Ecuadorian phone.  And I need to leave the account open for a bit for some expected deposits from SRI and hopefully more payout(s) from Coopera.
Then it was a little walk to catch the #15 near the Stadium to head back to pick up Buzzer.  An indigenous lady was having trouble with her bus card (no money on it?) so I just tapped my old-fart bus pass twice on the machine for her.  No big deal, it is only 25c.  A minute later, after rummaging around in that humongous skirt of hers, she came running back to pay me.  I just laughed and told her it wasn't necessary.
So I picked up Buzzer, paid the bill of $5, and swung over to the other side of the cemetery to get gas.  Buzzer seemed to be running a little better and I felt a lot better about the brakes too.  It kept threatening to sprinkle as I rode home but it never did amount to anything.
No wonder the feeders need to be topped up twice a day, there are 4 Tom Thumbs and at least one Andrea The Giant vying for space at the trough, especially around dusk!
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Colombian sausage and potato lunch, with mustard, $1

Buzzer awaiting service

13 salad lunches for the fridge, and 1 for my tummy