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Sunday June 17, 2018 Jesus

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Sunday June 17, 2018
Another dreary day that never improved much as the hours moved on. 
I tackled another suitcase with boots, jackets and lots of useful items that I want to take.  I can only take 4 suitcases total with 3 more backpacks so my space and weight is limited.  Still to go are all my electronics, computer, monitor, keyboard, possibly the printer, important papers, x-rays, stationery, and lots of clothes.  
The first 2 suitcases are about .3 kgs short of the 23 kgs allowed, according to my home scale which is pretty darn accurate.  I am thinking that I may yet need a fifth suitcase to be brought later by visitors.....?????
My buddy Jesus from Big Kabuda's Burgers is going through a tough separation and we had been wanting to get together to chat for some time so I called him up, expecting him to drop in here but, instead, he asked me to come over to his place because he had his kids.  So, I cleaned up and went over, using the "ubicacion" he had sent me on Whatsapp which brought me within 100ft.
Jesus escaped Venezuela some years ago with his wife Elizabeth and has been quite successful with his burger enterprise.  I was very surprised to find out that Jesus now has a Venezuelan girlfriend, the lovely Johanna, who just helped another friend, Desiree, also get out of their home country.  Apparently inflation just jumped there 100% overnight and the average wage now would hardly buy a can of tuna.  The people are desperate.
Jesus has a 12-year-old daughter who was sleeping when I got there and his little boy, Ian, is already 2 years old and learning 2 languages at the speed of light. 
We were joined by another friend of his, a policeman named Alejandro so we had some interesting discussions.  Jesus speaks pretty good English so we have been friends for many years.  It is such a shame that there will soon be a big divorce battle looming when there are children and a business involved that both parties want...
It rained so I waited for a break in the weather before heading back.  I was so tired but I forced myself to start another book until my eyes would no longer stay open.  
 My daughter Jill sent me some photos via Facebook that I will share.  My granddaughter Danai is graduating high school (and is accepted into the U of A in the fall) and was doing a test makeup and hairdo for her ceremony at the end of the month.  She looks so much like Jill, and is just the sweetest girl I know.
The other photo is Jill at age 45, holding a photo of her mother Patricia at the same age.  That is very emotional for me because Patsy passed away at age 47.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Jesus, Alejandro, Al, Ian, Johanna and Desiree
Danai with make-up and lovely hair

Such a sweet girl

I am so proud of her

Jill and Patsy at age 45