Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday June 24, 2018 Go Colombia

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Sunday June 24, 2018
Two walks of 3 dogs is what it took this morning, first all the newer dogs, then the veterans last.  I thought that it was kinda neat to see and hear a guy playing an acoustic guitar at the other end of our lake at 6:15am...
Then we worked half-heartedly all morning waiting for the delivery of the two recliners and, of course they didn't show up until almost the noon deadline so we just left them in the garage.
I also grabbed my new Canon T7i which has been in storage here with less than 500 frames shot on it.  I have to get accustomed to all its features all over again.
We hurriedly walked to La Herradura, our neighbourhood shopping Center to meet Cristina's sister Adiela and Mom Julia and get a decent spot to watch the scheduled World Cup match at 1pm between Colombia and Poland.  After a little jockeying we wisely decided to stay under cover from the sun and occasional sprinkles and enjoy some lasagna and beer, and have a pretty-much unobstructed view of a decent TV set in a kiosk bar.
While my first two wives were Polish-Ukrainian mix, there was no doubt that we were pulling for Colombia all the way today, and we had the local jerseys to prove it.  I had my concerns at the beginning of the match because Colombia looked nervous, fearing elimination after a poor first game, and Poland looked looser and dominated the first few minutes.  But then Colombia seemed to find their legs and put the pressure on to be rewarded by a nice goal before half-time.  And they continued the pressure so that Poland only really had one decent chance all game.  2 more lovely earned goals by our boys and the the confidence was restored.  The yellow jerseys went home happy.
Since it was a nice Sunday afternoon, and not too late yet, we caught the mini-bus (buseta) to Anadalucia to visit Christian's grave, where we were met by Adiela and her daughter Natalia who came out on their scooter.  There was a mass going on in the cemetery chapel and it was overflowing with Catholic faithful, maybe making good on their promises to God if Colombia won the match..??...
What a glorious day with blue sky, bright sun, and wispy clouds with a cooling breeze.  It was supposed to go up to 32C today but I don't think it made it quite that high.  Leaving the cemetery I looked up to see some buzzards circling, but I told them I wasn't ready yet so they flew away.
We caught a buseta back home and put together the recliners and put them into prominent positions in front of the TV.  While the fit is a tad snug for my enormous backside, the recliners are very comfortable and recline well.  Not too bad for about $250 each, brand new..!!
So now it is evening and it was 26C at 8pm and 24C at 9pm. At that rate it might actually get comfortable this night....
Until I get my computer fixed, hopefully this week, I am still working with my old laptop, so please bear with me for the quality of my output.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Lago Chilicote at the end of our street where I walk the dogs around

This is where we decided to watch the World Cup game

Beef and chicken lasagna and Cola about $4.50
We moved over to the right side for a better protected view


Anxious moments before the match

Goal #1 = 1-0 Colombia over Poland

The excited crowd sits back down

Another replay, good goal

We have our yellow Colombian jerseys to show our support

Salted beer with a salted rim, yummy

And now it is 2-0 Colombia

A different angle

And the crowd goes wild

A good way to watch the game, good food, good beer, all cheap

Even our servers got to enjoy it occasionally

Goal #3 on its way in..  That's all she wrote for Poland

Julia and Adiela are ecstatic

The lovely Jimenez sisters

A lovely day in the neighbourhood

The crowd is so happy with the result

A mass happening at the cemetery chapel

Tending to Christian's gravesite

What a pretty sight on a magnificent day, palms, mountains, sun...

These are some very tall palms...

A nice view from inside the chapel (now empty)

Natalia, Adiela and Cristina

Go away!  I am not ready yet...

Mariposa is checking out the new recliners