Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday June 3, 2018 Preparations

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Sunday June 3, 2018
It was the third of June.....
Rather than twiddle my thumbs I got down to work on a few items that need to get done.  I tried to unblock the eavestrough above the lavanderia but was unsuccessful.  I will try again another day.
Then I found a cheap window scraper and tackled the big For Sale sign on the bedroom windows downstairs.  Part of it was gingerly stuck to the outside of one sold pane, while the other part was on the removable pane.  So there I am, hanging out the window, scraping away at arms length for quite a while before realizing that I had better put on my back brace.  There was lots or residue left so I got cotton balls and alcohol and cleaned up most of that.  I put the removable pane over the bathtub and poured alcohol over the sign.  That made it much easier to scrape and left less residue as well.  Thank God for the back brace or I am sure all that awkward reaching would have had me bedridden by now.  

Then I photographed the whole place to be able to remember things needed to make an inventory list for the items that go with the house sale, ...which is almost everything.   Give me my clothes, computer and cameras, along with a few tools, and I am outta here!  That list is pretty much done now.
I am also trying to contact people to complete an Emergency list for the new owners, for plumbers, painters, electricians, etc.

It kinda feels nice to not be bothered by people coming to the door wanting to see the house.
That was the day’s excitement.
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