Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday June 6, 2018 Progress

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Wednesday June 6, 2018
Last night I was fighting a little bit with the new light on Buzzer which was attached to the Speedometer module.  Today, as I ran to do several chores the darn thing broke off the bracket and I didn't want to damage my wiring, or speedometer module, so I was holding it with my left hand and driving slowly with my right until I could pull over and secure it somehow.  As I pulled into the NAF Salesiano SRI office I got out a bungee cord and tied the darn things up so they didn't flop down.  I still had to use my hand several times until I was through my 2 initial stops.  
The Naf office just handed my my facturas back and said everything is fine, which they must have been, because I got the SRI acceptance notice once I reached home.  So this bodes well for throwing in my June receipts just before I leave...  Every penny helps and every penny that I can win back from this crooked Government makes me smile.  There was a big article in Cuenca Highlife a couple of days ago about the corruption at the highest level of the courts under Correa.  Nobody is surprised.  It is unfortunate that corruption is tolerated and expected in Latin America and the big guys always felt untouchable.  I want to touch them big-time..!!
My next stop was at Banco Pichincha to have it confirmed that my internet access code is sent both by phone and email, so my departure won't create problems.  My card is good until 2021 so I should be OK.  I only need to make sure that a bills are paid, wait for a proposed Coopera payout, and be sure my SRI deposits are made, before I can shut it down.  I can close the Banco Del Austro account any day I want.
Those two appointments went so quickly that I felt that I had time to drop off Buzzer for repairs with Geovanny Rios.  It is funny that Geovanny's neighbouring business is a Colombian restaurant, so I had a bite and found out that they are all from the Cali - Tulua area.  It truly is a small world.
I then caught a bus back to Sara Chaca's office (lawyer for the new buyer, John Olafson) at the Acropolis building and made it with 20 minutes to spare.  John and the realtor, Veronica Arpi, were actually still in the waiting room and got called in after about 10 minutes.  I waited to go in until invited by John.
Between us, we made sure that we were all on the same page (except Veronica, who seems to have trouble with dates), and the paperwork was accepted, advice given and accepted, and an appointment set for one week, June 12 at 4pm to sign papers and close the deal.  Then I await the money transfer before I do another thorough walk-through with John, help him swap utilities, etc, before final turnover of the house and keys..
Yes, folks, it is really happening...
Another bus back to Geovanny's for the newly repaired Buzzer and now I am ready to collapse....
I hope you enjoy the pictures, taken with the phone..  That was the day’s excitement.
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Damaged and held up by my bungee cord

Repaired solidly by Geovanny

I still love this bike!