Sunday, June 17, 2018

Saturday June 16, 2018 Friends

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Saturday June 16, 2018
Time is running out on me and I have started packing suitcases.  I packed up my tools first in one suitcase and managed to stay just under the 23 kg limit, but also had to leave some heavy things like the big drill, saws, bolts, nuts, etc. behind, which is sad to me.  
It was another dreary, drizzly day but I managed to avoid any major rainfall when I ran Buzzer out to Ucubamba for lunch with friends Mike and Lotis.  It is always nice to be invited out for a delicious meal, in this case Filipino delicacies that were a treat for the palate.  And we solved many of the world's problems in our discussions, but we don't think Trump, Trudeau, or Kim Jong Un were listening.  Thank you guys for a lovely afternoon.
I apologize that I am getting lazy with the camera, and in fact have packed away the Sony already.....  Over the next few days, I will probably be lazier as I get so busy with the last-minute things, especially packing, finishing the house sale, switching the utilities over, closing bank accounts, meetings, the OBG dance, etc, etc, etc.  Please bear with me for the coming week.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Another dreary morning and it did not improve

Awesome meal with Mike & Lotis