Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday June 13, 2018 Faith

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Wednesday June 13, 2018
Happy 58th Birthday to baby brother Normand!
Don't you hate it when you awaken too early and then the mind starts rolling over all the things you have done, and the things you forgot, and then you mentally make a list of things you need to accomplish right away...  Further sleep is impossible, so you get up, exercise, get your coffee and start tackling problems...
I snuck out to Registro Civil, keeping my fingers crossed that they remembered why I was coming and that the systems weren't down again.  Imagine my surprise, around 9:10am that there were almost no line-ups so bypassing them in the old-farts line was almost a wasted effort.  It was perhaps 2 minutes at the information window, 5 minutes to get to the bank window, 2 minutes to pay the $11 fees, grab the window number and see that I had zero wait to get in for that....  5 minutes later I had my apostiled copy of our marriage certificate to take to Colombia so that I can apply for a spousal cedula (identity card) and residency.  I couldn't believe my luck today.
Then I got a call from the realtor, Veronica, who was trying to rush the tax payment portion of the sale but needed a copy of my original deed when we bought the house in 2012.  I double-checked but I knew that all 3 deeds had been given to the lawyer, Sara, handling the paperwork.  She said that Sara was out of town but would go to her office and try to get permission to copy the deed and she would keep me posted...
Then Oswaldo popped by as promised and we had a nice chat.  There are a couple of items that will be passed on to him that he has expressed an interest in, like my broken popcorn popper...
Our invitation to lunch today got postponed so I slipped out to get an almuerzo lunch at the end of the street, a delightful pork chop dinner for only $3.50.  Then I stopped at a nearby Pharmacy to pick up a couple of boxes of Gabapent, just in case.   I don't know what those pills cost in Colombia and I will be so busy when I first get there (can't wait to see our puppies).
As I walked home I dug out the phone and took the last two shots below.  This is the kind of weather that Cuenca is famous for and we sure hope this sticks around for a bit.
I am gradually whittling away at what I need to keep and bring, vs what needs to be left or thrown out.  Bit by bit, we will get it all sorted out...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Sunrise this morning held great promise

This is the copy of the marriage certificate (pretty tacky)

This sticker with the signature is what was needed

What a glorious view to the west

And just as nice to the east