Friday, October 12, 2018

Thursday Oct 11, 2018 Angry

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Thursday Oct 11, 2018
This morning, I again had the sad chore of burying a cuddly rabbit in the backyard, pretty much on the spot where this photo was taken.  I am feeling partly responsible, because I ignored a commotion outside, thinking the dogs were again chasing the cats that walk along the top of our walls.  Bunnies are way too much like the plush toys that we buy for the dogs to shake and chew on, and the dogs don't know any better than to be dogs who protect us from rodents.
RIP Bunny.  So sorry that we let you down.

The 8 suspects lined up for a delicious supper last night as they always do, as though nothing had happened.  
I slept very little last night, mostly angry at myself for the Bunny episode, then with the final realization that I was pick-pocketed expertly again.  I keep looking in the obvious places as though these documents will magically re-appear....  I now recall taking off my backpack in downtown Tulua and chiding myself for not zipping it up properly...  I didn't even realize that my passport booklet was missing.  I feel so stupid.  And I always thought that I do my best to avoid people around me, especially behind me, and avoid getting bumped or surrounded.  I have to give these rotten thieves credit for their skill, and while I can sympathize with some, like the displaced Venezuelans without work, I would like to cut off their hands for all the discord that they spread into their victims' lives.
So now I will begin whatever process I need to get a replacement passport and Visa, and I will also make copies of my documents and no longer carry originals or credit cards unless absolutely necessary.
I have emailed the Canadian Embassy in Bogota for instructions on how to replace my documentation... Grrrrrrrrrr...
We left at noon for 6.5 hours of ladies' power-shopping...  Cecilia only came with 2 changes of clothes, fully intending to return with a suitcase loaded with cheap Colombian clothes and shoes.  When you can find things like good quality blouses for $1.75 each you load up pretty quickly.  Mostly I just found a place nearby to sit and rest.  I did sneak into another store and got a couple of sports jerseys for $3.50 each.  The ladies enjoyed themselves, and I know there will be more of this.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Touristy-type photo at LA14

Power-shopping downtown