Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Oct 28, 2018 Palmira

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Sunday Oct 28, 2018
This morning I unplugged and re-plugged every cord and reset the router and miraculously our internet and wi-fi came back to normal.  Hooray!  
 No luck yet getting the NetTalk to operate though.  While we hardly use the NetTalk it really is our best connection for everything in Canada and our family.  Being cut off from being able to talk to banks, friends, family, etc is very unnerving.
We were up with the sun again to walk the dogs because we headed out on another road trip with Carlos’ mother, sister, niece, her husband and 2 kids.  The niece and husband went on a motorcycle because 6 in our little car was enough.  Our destination was the area of the lovely town of Palmira near the Cali airport.  It is a drive that is becoming familiar however there are many things that we have not seen, so we were getting a guided tour.
Cristina invited all of them for breakfast at Palmira so we left at 8am.  I decided to just follow the motorcycle at 80 kph and it was a leisurely drive with very little traffic.  We ended up going to an aunt’s place for a bit and she had amazing flowers and one of those covered, open-air, no walls, second storeys.  They live near what they call a lake, but which was more like a large slough, no beach, no nothing...   I sure failed to see the attraction.   And they had another small lake/slough behind them a ways that we did visit.  The highlight there was seeing 3 ducks sitting on fenceposts….  I don’t recall ever seeing that before..
Then we all went to a resort called Hacienda de el Paraiso, Historia de Efrain y Maria, kinda like the Colombian Romeo and Juliet story without the messy ending.  We were joined by 4 other cousins, and 2 more cars so we had a caravan.
We/I could have gone hang-gliding but had to worry about our passengers.  We toured this huge hacienda and bought some of the snacks and booze (for company, of course).  The place had huge gardens with monstrous trees and a large, mostly unimpressive flower garden.  I did like some of the antiques in the rooms on display.
There were lots of food kiosks, but very little place to sit, so we drove to a nearby town, Cristina forgets the name, and we ate at a place in the main square.  The food was excellent and the sauces were spicy.  Even the sausage was pretty darn good.  We actually didn’t eat until almost 2pm then we hung around the square and let the kids play themselves out and returned around 3 and had another leisurely drive.  The kids were soon fast asleep.
Please forgive some of the shots because many were taken at a very long range at full zoom.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Auntie's flowers are pretty special

Pretty Hibiscus


Cock of the walk

Their view to the "lake"

Long shot of nearby church bells

The walk of the cock
Very pretty area on a blustery morning

Looking for me still

I'm not ready yet

An alternative to bamboo, guadua

Ducks on posts, three of them!

An egret close by on the little "lake"
The group walking back
A neighbour's talking friend

The little "lake"

Gorgeous coloured hibiscus

And another

And more flowers

Talk into the microphone, son...

One of the relatives there

The kids were really good all day
They had a lot of supervision

4 hang-gliders in this shot

This is one

This is another

And yet another

Rose with a bee

The front of the Hacienda

An austere bedroom
An office

A chapel

Cool spinning wheel

Another office

Bougainvillea tiny flowers

A ceramic artwork on a roof tile

And another

A pretty cat
A Colombian/American family playing dress-up for photos

Angela and Mom, Carmen, at waterfall in the back

Angela and hubby, Tucho

Then again

Cutesy shot

Carmen, Angela, Tucho

And another shot

Cute kid playing in water
Having fun

Don't stop me...

The matriarch, Gilma

Cristina, Gilma, Angela, Carmen

Joined by a geeky Canadian tourist

I liked this shot....

Nice flower

Lunch at the main square in town
Nice group of relatives

Colombia's Romeo and Juliet

Still hanging around

Little David getting brave

Alejandro is a good big brother

This is a cousin

Photo shoot at the statue

The kids are tuckered out now