Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Monday Oct 29, 2018 Driving/NetTalk

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Monday Oct 29, 2018
After a month of waiting, this morning I was getting ready to go to the Driving School finally as requested at 8am.  At 7:23am I get a message to show up at 9:50, which I did.  We did the phantom class thing with the photo of the hand and I came home to work, then returned at 11:45 to sign out of said phantom class.  I am to return tomorrow at 8am.  I hope it will be at 8am from now on so it doesn't ruin my whole day.  So it will be another 10 days of this 2-hour BS.
So I had some time to look a little harder at what I need to apply for a replacement passport and I decided to follow advice and report the theft first.  I will do that tomorrow with Miguel after my class.
I also got the information I need to fax to transfer my money from Canada, amended it to have ALL the information they need, per the information they already have on file, and printed the 2 documents to sign and fax, hopefully tomorrow as well.  The Colombian peso is still on a climb so I am hopeful to get this done quickly.
I also got back in touch with the NetTalk people because my Canadian phone is just NOT resetting and is useless,.. and,.. of course... I just renewed my subscription.  After several emails they agreed to replace it and asked for shipping details.  I am a happy camper,...... for about 15 minutes.......
They email me back that they only ship to Canada or the USA... groan...   I have just offered to pay any shipping charges but am not hopeful.
The way things are going lately I am almost scared to go with my wife about her tumor, and that is the truth.  It is like things are jinxed right now.
No pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.