Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Oct 12, 2018 Cafe

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Friday Oct 12, 2018
Today we were away early at 8am to take the street dog, Cafe, to the vet for her operations(s), sterilizations, and I was hoping tumor removal.  This is such a sweet dog that she went into the carrying case and waited, and she is so calm and no problem to travel.
We left her at the vet and were told to return at 2pm.  So,.. what to do for 6 hours??  Return home and come back??   Or---- power-shopping.... no choice at all is there.....
Firstly I stopped at a nearby electrical supply store that LA14 recommended to get replacement fan blades for that new fan.  The lady showed us 2 styles but only one seemed perfect, and it was cheaper than the other, a whole 8,000 pesos, or about $2.65.
In one store, while the girls shopped for 2 hours there, I got into discussions with the door guys, one of whom does the microphone announcements for sale merchandise and the like, and the other who checks people in and out.  They were keen to practice English and we got into some of the clothes that they were selling with horrible misprints or messages, like "Jet t-aime".  I showed them my translation app and they downloaded it immediately because it is voice-activated and you can hear the translation pronounced properly as well.  They were impressed.  The doorman is also into singing Reggaeton (much like rap) and he showed me a video they did for the store called Templo de la moda (Temple of Fashion) and it was very impressive.  Before I left they asked if I would share their group's video if they sent it to me, so keep an eye on my Facebook page.
We went back to the store where we had bought a phone download cord and metal memory stick and had them show Cecilia how to download all the photos from her phone to the stick..  It really did not take that long, and it worked.
Then we picked up Cafe and she is sterilized but they did not remove the tumor, she has to return for chemotherapy, so I guess we will have her for a while yet.
We made a couple of stops at bicycle shops trying to find riding clothing for Alex, with long sleeves, and not in black.  We weren't very successful, just as we weren't trying to find decent waterproof runners in his size.
We did a short stop at the cemetery on the way home as well.
I had also picked up a bit of screen protector film to attach to my camera screens.  As I was installing this film I decided to take some very bad shots with the Canon of the dogs.  I was shooting low, one-handed, and not centering very well so most of the shots are embarrassingly bad.  Sorry.
The fan blade that I brought home for the new fan had a slightly different mount and I could not get the reverse thread cap to screw down on it.  Cris said we could take it back to exchange it but I am not going to waste gas on that.  I only needed to grind down the plastic so it would go over the retaining ring about 1/4" so after a couple of useless tries with drill bit and file, I dug out my dremel.  Once I used the little drum rasp attachment I had the right depth and the fan works just fine.
We are having a feast of mangoes from our tree finally.  Yummy.
I got an email from the Canadian Embassy in Bogota.  I just skimmed it quickly but it appears that I can apply for the replacement passport by mail.  I hope so, because I really don't want to waste time and money going to Bogota.
Still no word on getting on with my driving school classes... Grrr.
Cecilia loves the music that I have in the car so I downloaded 1,822 songs to that same memory stick for her.  She won't run out of tunes for a while.  She had also bought a small radio that also accepts USB so the music sounds pretty darn good on it.  All is good.
I imagine that we will be making it an early night as the plan is to leave at 6am tomorrow, drive to Buga and pick up Jessica, hang a right and go to the coast at Buenaventura...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Impressed with this antique? coffee machine

The fan blade looked right...

Yeah, I know... again with that view...

.. and the other direction again too

Big Turi needs more regular walks

My brat Nina needs training

Buddy looks grumpy but is a marshmallow

Mariposa wants to maintain her position as the Boss

Negrita likes to play with Nina

Buddy the marshmallow

Little NeNe in his favourite spot

Cafe coming off anaesthetic