Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Oct 20, 2018 Hutch

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Saturday Oct 20, 2018
Thursday I was so bored that I sat in my recliner and watched 5 movies, back to back.  I guess that recliner must be somewhat comfortable for me to be able to do that.
Every morning I walk the dogs and it is so fun to see them when it is walk-time getting so excited, especially my Turi who gives me her very best model walk showing off her curves.... lol.
Friday was another lazy day and we watched another 3 movies.  We walked over to a vegetable market for the first time and bought all the goodies for my salads, except they did not have granadillas which will probably be hard to find in this town.
The Cristina slipped out to help another dog in need.  I surely don't mind as long as the dog does not end up here, we have enough with 8 dogs at the moment.
We have pretty much decided that my 2-storey shop/screen room is on hold until after Cristina has her operation.
Today I feel like Starsky....  Carlos came over and we got to working on a large rabbit Hutch because Cristina is insisting on having a rabbit but we have to keep it away from the dogs, and vice-versa.  We discussed ideas and I drew a sketchy plan and he went out to buy materials.  I let him work on his own for a while and then I went out to help.  And it is a good thing too or we would have had the most crooked hutch in Colombia.  The guy measures, and uses a square and a level, but he measures from the wrong places, or starts at uneven places and we quickly end up with a huge mess.
Granted, we are starting with just a basic idea and putting it together from scratch and we were doing pretty good until it started sprinkling around 4pm.  Our basic frame is there and we now have a pretty good idea of how we are going to make the "roof" move out of the way simply.  The two ends over grassy areas will be surrounded by chicken wire.
Tomorrow we will solidify the structural frame then work on the sliding roof, install a doorway and the chicken wire.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Carlos working on the frame on the patio

Attaching the frame to the back wall

We will fix the crooked left side in the morning