Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday Jan 8, 2019

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Tuesday Jan 8, 2019
3:15 Monday morning, the dogs were agitated.  A quick survey determined that they had become music critics, panning the neighbour’s really bad karaoke.
Then it rained in the morning negating the walk so we just stayed in bed until past 10 again.  This could become habit-forming.
For once, the day stayed nice and cool.  What a welcome break!
After helping Cristina tint her hair, and doing my usual chores, I worked on photos most of the afternoon.
In the evening I made popcorn and we each watched DVD movies because there was only repeats on television.  I'd like to watch some of the Dakar Rally, but all I ever seem to encounter is yak-yak-yak, in Spanish... no actual racing.

Tuesday, Cristina insisted that we would pay our house taxes in Tulua which made no sense to me because we live in Andalucia.  Of course, the trip was for nothing, and I was right.
We stopped to deliver some of Ana’s stuff to Adiela's which we have been storing for almost a year for her.  Apparently her job is going to take her on the road now, so we may see her more often.
Miguel has been suffering for 10 days with a chest virus and associated cough.  We sure as heck hope that his visit to the doctor tomorrow will resolve his issues and that we don't get it.
We went to LA14, had lunch at Frisby’s, the Colombian version of KFC, and had a nice meal for about $8.50 for both of us.  Then we continued to the grocery store to load up on veggies for us and the rabbits again.
We went to pay the house taxes in Andalucia at City Hall, and I knew that wasn't happening when there were no line-ups...  It turned out that they had no receipts, so the earliest we can pay is Jan 22.
We had a delicious ice cream in the main square then went to pay my cel phone plan, under $18USD.
Received the very sad news that the 18-year-old grandson of a nephew, who was on the wrong side of a home invasion on Friday, got shot and killed by the occupant.  Our sincerest condolences to all the family.
The weather is back in the 30's again.
Sorry, no pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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