Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday Jan 4, 2019 Shelving

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Friday Jan 4, 2019
Dave and Irma had invited us to meet at 12:30 at a steak place in La Herradura shopping center.  They even gave me a small birthday gift of "cabanos", little pepperoni-type sausages that I enjoy so much with the dogs.  Cristina and I ate a late breakfast so we decided to share a $10 steak dinner and that was more than sufficient for both of us.  It was so nice of them to think of me for my birthday.
While we finished lunch Cristina received a call that LA14 was delivering our shelving to the neighbour across the street...  So what happened to "we only deliver to Andalucia on Saturday or Tuesday"???  No big deal, and the neighbours are happy to help, but jeepers, why don't they just phone first?
Dave and Irma wandered off to the nearby casino where Irma has been having incredible luck lately.  We stopped in at Exito and picked another dozen packages of those cabano sausages.  We should be good for a while.
We also bought a few pastries for Gilma which we delivered on the way home.
Our neighbour was watching when we got home and I quickly transferred the 3 units to our house.  We took the assembled one and set it up in the lavanderia.
I unpacked one unit and put it together, noticing that this unit was slightly different, completely snap-together.  That was real easy so the second one was a cinch.  Of course, since they only have simple diagrams for assembly, and the top and bottom pieces are both marked "A" and appear completely identical, there was one very tiny difference.  Diagram 1 is to set up the bottom, and diagram 5 is to add the top.  However the tiny difference (the bloody name tag) is not shown until diagram 6 and I still didn't pick up on it.  So, the name Rimax is on the bottom,... upside-down,... on both units....
These two units I have set up one above the other for the ease of reaching my best tools.  I was actually able to store about 90% of my stuff, no problem.
I did some measuring to see about building a wall with our storage units past bedroom #2 to keep the dogs away from the car and the front door.  Cristina agrees with the idea that we want to be able to exit the house much simpler without having to lock the dogs in the lavanderia and the back yard.  However the distances just don't work so a high metal fence is in the offing...
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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