Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Jan 11, 2019 Causes

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Friday Jan 11, 2019
The word "cosas" in Spanish covers many bases, like, cause, things, etc.  That is what the past while has been, a disjointed collection of "things" that make up our days.
Last night I went out to find something different for supper, a new hamburger or hot dog or something.  I stopped in the closest grocery, Andaluz, and saw this large package of pork, beef and chicken mixed sausage that had an interesting colour for about $3.  Then I cruised the nearby street meet places and restaurants but wasn't happy with my findings so I came back to Andaluz and bought the sausages.  I cooked the whole batch up, fed myself, Cristina and the dogs and had some left over.  They were the best sausages I have had in South America so I went back to buy 2 more packages to freeze.
I gave up on reading the politically boring Machiavelli and switched to Lady Chatterly's Lover, which I have never read.  It isn't a page-turner like my espionage novels but I may be able to finish it.  It is awkward to read on the laptop (actually on my lap, so that is warm) mainly because of the weight and the focal length of my bifocals.  I have to hold the laptop pretty close to get a clean read and not get a headache.
There were no clouds this morning and I sure wish I carried my camera when I walk the dogs, but handling 5 dogs and trying to shoot properly is next to impossible.  The silhouettes on the east mountains with the church steeple was breathtaking.  No clouds is a prelude to a very hot day, easily 30C today.
Last night, we got an email that Exito was having a sale of 40% on stationery so I decided we would go today and get the new desk diary for 2019 that Cristina had spotted there.  We were about to leave home when Lorena showed up to work on our fruit trees at Cristina's request.  Cristina told her to come back at 2pm, when she expected her friend from yesterday, Nancy, to come to visit here as well.
The diaries on sale were all from 2017 and 2018 but many had no days (Mon, Tues,..) attached to the dates,.. you have to add those in yourself, so they are good for any year.  Well, I know how hard it is to find these darn things so I grabbed one.
Then we had a nice chinese food lunch of fried rice and 3 dishes for $8 for both of us.  That was definitely a nice treat.  Then Cristina got a 3-fruit delicious drink for about $1.75.  We really have to start watching our pennies now...
We stopped for more dog food at Gilma's and got yet another promise from Carlos to complete needed roof repairs.  I am losing count.
This afternoon Dr Quito, the lawyer from Cuenca, posted something on FaceBook about an upcoming Coopera payout starting Monday.  I quickly passed that along to my list.  My ex, Bella, will look after our interests with the Power of Attorney I left her.
8pm and still no show by Lorena, ... or Nancy...  This is Latin America, where one's word means nothing.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Monday we can get some more money back from Coopera..  Yippee

Huge package, great sausages, $3

$8 lunch for two, a nice treat