Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday July 1, 2018 Andalucia

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Sunday July 1, 2018
Saturday was a stay-at-home day to enjoy some great football matches in the World Cup with France beating Argentina 4-3 then Uruguay besting Portugal 2-1.  I should check the odds, because I said at the beginning that I thought Uruguay had the strikers to win this with Suarez and Cavani.
While watching I tried to get back to uploading my photos for sale after about a 10-day absence.  However Fine Art America decided to be the balky one today and it took forever to get it to accept one upload, so I quit while I was ahead.

Happy Canada Day Eh....
I actually was able to upload my normal 2 photos today so I was thankful for that.
There were 2 more important World Cup games today and both ended in 1-1 ties, had 2 extra overtime periods, then had the games decided by the dreaded penalty kicks.  Russia beat Spain, then Croatia topped Denmark.  So far my choices have been bang on.
Cristina and I popped over to Mega Chuleta for lunch.  This is about 2.5 feet of thin breaded pork chop, with lots of fries and rice for about $7.  We brought a lot home as a treat for the dogs.
I had a brief nap after my sleepless night (forgot to take my Gabapent) before we went out to catch the buseta to Andalucia and the cemetery.  Due to the nice little rains every day the flowers that were put on Christian's grave were still looking good.
We crossed the road and stopped in at Cristina's ex-mum-in-law and family and then her ex also showed up.  We had "won" 5 soccer balls from all our purchases the prior week so we had brought 2 for the young ones here.  Cristina's ex is a house contractor (he was actually using drywall next door..!!) so we picked his brain about housing in the area, which is really cheap.  We are kinda looking for a roomy bungalow with lots of fenced greenspace for the dogs, and Andalucia is a nice area, just minutes from Tulua.  They are even moving the bus depot to this side of Tulua so that will be handier too.  He had a newly renovated house in mind that might suit our purpose in the $35,000 range....  I could live with that!  Waiting for photos and details....
Then we caught the buseta back and got off at the LA 14 shopping center to do a little grocery shopping.  This is a huge Wal-Mart kind of place with great aisle space and loads of selection, 10 times better than the Exito store near us.  We ahd zero problems at the checkout so this will be pretty much our exclusive place to shop from now on.  We even ran into our furniture salesman/assembly person John again.  Oh, and if you are looking at the prices in the photos below, remember to divide by 3,000 to equal $1 USD.....
We caught a crummy cab home and went by the side of our Lago Chilicote lake which was bustling with people and bikes.  The heron tree in the middle of the lake was covered with the white herons so I went back to take a couple of shots for you.  I actually really like this area we live in now but just need a better house with space for the dogs.  Stay tuned.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Herons hang around our barrio

They are in this area 24-7

So I promise to get some really good shots some day

5 herons in this one shot

The Andalucia cemetery chapel

Cristina mourning Christian

Little yellow birds watch over the gravesite

LA 14 meat counter is impressive

Just a tiny portion of the grocery section

This is one huge store

This is just the vegetable/fruit aisle

See the big three silhouetted in the middle, with white flecks of herons

I walk the dogs through here every day

The bikes outnumber cars 10 to 1 here.  Sunday night is busy.