Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday July 10, 2018 Out'n'about

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Tuesday July 10, 2018
We decided that we wouldn't slip out until around 3pm so I actually got to work on photos again, where I am catching up from last September yet.  It will probably be a year before these get posted for sale because of my backlog, and I am only doing 2 per day now because they take so long, especially because of the complicated setup at RedBubble.  When I go to upload something these days I don't even remember doing the work on the shot...
For lunch Cristina surprised me with steak that we had bought and that gave me the opportunity to dig out this:
Besides plain old black pepper, there is probably no finer spice in the world and I do not spare it on a good steak, I pour it on.  Yummmmmmmmyyy!
Then I set my VPN to "France", brought up First Row Sports and watched the France-Belgium match.  Remember that I picked France to come out on top, and they did, 1-0 on a nice goal, not some cheesy penalty kick.  Now if England takes out Croatia tomorrow as I expect, then we will have a cross-channel match that I am sure many have been salivating for.
We caught the bus out to the Andalucia cemetery and watered the plants and listened to some of Christian's music, which kinda is Cristina's ritual.  It is still so hard for me to grasp that he is really gone, such a young life needlessly snuffed out at age 22.

Then we caught the buseta back and got off at LA 14 to do some grocery shopping.   Our niece Natalia met us there out of boredom and then we found her Dad Miguel having coffee with some old work buddies, one of them being an old Italian guy named Giovanni.  On a lark, I buzzed my Italian friend from San Cristobal, Alex, and let the two of them chat for a bit.  Then I caught up a little with Alex myself.  They will likely head to a wedding in Italy in September then maybe make it out here before the end of the year.
Once home, we both took a short walk with all the dogs which they enjoy so much.  It also helps everybody sleep better too.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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