Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday July 29, 2018 Dog Refuge

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Sunday July 29, 2018
I thought that we were going to have a relaxing day today, so while Cristina slept in, I got busy working on more photos.
Then, all of a sudden, Cristina is saying we have to leave right NOW and go pick up food for some dog refuge.  So I threw on some clothes, no time to shave or shower, and off we go, and I throw on a hat to hide my unruly hair.  We stop at a butcher shop across from the vet from yesterday and she comes with a lot of meat scraps in big bags.
Next we go to Adiela and Miguel's place which my Garmin again does not recognize, even though I used the coordinates setting right at their front door from yesterday.  I might have to start using WAZE on my phone instead...
So we drop off the meat at Adiela's, promising to return 2ish to go out to this dog refuge...
Cristina and I slip out for a nice lunch nearby, then kill some more time having coconut ice cones... really tasty stuff!
So we go back and I am chatting with Miguel about some of the books I brought for him to read when Cristina hollers that we are leaving NOW again, and we re-load the meat in the car.
Our first stop is to see a rescued large pitbull called Machina that has skin issues and to introduce it to prospective new owners.  On the way I am being directed by Adiela and she tells me to pull over because we are waiting for someone to catch up.  When a motorcycle cop comes up behind me, I was glad that Adiela was telling me to proceed, not knowing that the lady cop is one of the rescuers of Machina.  This poor dog had such runny eyes which Cristina finally cleared away and he was so much better after that.  I am not fond of pitbulls, rottweilers, or bulldogs, but I don't like to see any dog in misery.
Then it was off to this dog refuge and I can't even tell you where we went, except that I think it was south somewhere, and next to a nice large river.
When we got there the gate was locked but then someone came out and gave us the key to unlock the gate.  Then we drove in about a kilometer along the river to find that the person we came to see wasn't there at the moment.  However we didn't have to wait long.  We were along the riverbank and I thought that my eyes were deceiving me because I saw a dog steering a boat...!!  Upon closer inspection, the boat was tied up and being moved by the current of the river but, yes, it was a dog in the boat!!  Then we could hear a motor coming against the current, and this great bunch of about 30 dogs were getting all excited.  3 more dogs jumped into the boat with the other dog, then two jumped in the river to go meet the other boat.  I was afraid that they were going to get swept away in that strong current.  Anyway, the incoming boat contained the gal we came to see, and her brother.
We gave them the heavy bag of meat for the dogs and they were very grateful, making a little lunch for Adiela and Cristina (I wasn't hungry).  
The little daughter of this lady reminded me so much of the kid that played the young Cataleya in the opening scenes of the movie "Colombiana".  Uncanny resemblance...
Driving the automatic KIA is a bit of a treat for now.  I really hope I don't regret going for the standard transmission to save about 18% in gas mileage because gas is quite expensive here.
We were to go tomorrow to pay the balance of the house purchase but Cristina informs me that the documentation is not ready yet....  Jeepers, they have only had 2 weeks to get it done...
NeNe is recovering really well from his sterilization.  Tomorrow is the turn of Raton, who gets new owners on Friday... 
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Prospective new parents for Machina on the right

Machina is a handful

The poor thing has skin problems and runny eyes

Machina really likes the policewoman

I could not handle that dog

Machina is a BIG boy!

I wouldn't want him mad at me....

The KIA is being really easy on gas..

Yes, this is the setting for the dog refuge

Dogs everywhere, and they are all beautiful (except the Rotty)

Loved the silhouette

Yes Virginia, that is a dog in that boat..!!

I could have sworn he was steering the boat into shore

Everybody is awaiting their patron's return

Now the boat has 4 dogs...

They are excited as they see the incoming boat

A couple get ready to swim out to the incoming boat

They got rescued, again

Such nice people to reach out to the unfortunate dogs

What a fabulous greeting by the mob

One big happy family

And this is only part of the bunch that live here

Not waiting for them to pose...

Dogs of every description

The house is on stilts, no windows

This was my Cataleya

This is an area behind the house

Adiela is looking for a home for this sweetheart

This puppy has been badly mauled and is looking for nice owners